Life during a coding bootcamp is tough. We’re not secretive about how challenging the courses are and the strain it can take on your personal life and relationships. Throughout the intensive course, you’re learning new skills at an accelerated pace and learning everything you need to know to land a job after you walk across the stage and receive your certificate. But what happens after the photos are taken and the celebratory dinner is done? What does life look like for bootcamp graduates after graduation?

The Start of a New Career

The answer to that question is largely left up to the graduate. Here at Eleven Fifty, we give students the tools and resources they need to make connections and consider employment options before they leave, but the real work is up to students. After some much-deserved rest, it’s time to think hard about the path you want to pursue and what you enjoyed most about your coding education. Many of our students are signed on to a place of work before graduation, but that isn’t for everyone. We encourage all of our students to think hard about the next step they take and consider each move after the first one. If you’re thinking about signing up for a coding bootcamp, or will be graduating soon, think about these things as you choose a place of employment.

Find a Company Perfect for You

You have valuable skills! Find a place that will value them as much as you do. As most of you know, education in coding is never really done. Look for a place of employment that will give you those opportunities for advancement. When sitting in an interview, don’t be afraid to ask some tough questions that are important to you.

What do your advancement opportunities look like?

Do you support or have opportunities for continued learning?

What is the career path like for a person in this position?

Choose Wisely

It might be tempting to choose the first place that chooses you, but you have competitive skills now. Don’t just look for open job opportunities, look for a place of work you could see yourself for years in the future. You never know when an organization is hiring but has been too busy to post the opening online. Or maybe they’re looking for a self-starter with the passion to reach out and make themselves known. Reach out to places you would want to work. The first step you take out of Eleven Fifty could set you on a career track for upward movement. Be sure to choose an industry or company you’re passionate about.

Where do you want to live?

Maybe you plan on making a move after graduation. Keep your options open and look for a place of work that aligns with your future goals. You have many resources at your fingertips and a group of hard-working individuals at Eleven Fifty who care about your success and happiness. Let the career services team know your goals and plans and we’ll work with you to find the right fit. There are so many opportunities throughout Indiana, so let our team know where you’re looking to live and we will work with you to focus our efforts on that specific area.

Keep Learning

Consider additional courses. As we discussed above, there is no limit to what you can learn in coding and technology. If you have a career or place of work in mind that requires more skills, think about another course or skill-up to add to your skill base and land that dream job faster. There’s never going to be a better time. When you’re back to working full time, especially in a new job, time will be more difficult to come by to gain more skills or take a course or two.

You took this journey to advance or launch your career. Make sure the place you end up working is worth the hard work you put into your education. There are many amazing places to work in Fishers, Indianapolis and across Indiana. Don’t give up on looking for the perfect place for you! If you’re a student and need career assistance, give us a call or send an email, we’ll be happy to help! If you’re not a student yet, but ready to launch your career, schedule a time to talk and learn about all the options available to you and where your coding skills can take you after graduation.

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