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Learning to code isn’t all 1s and 0s, but it is about mastering one of the most in-demand skills that translate to multiple careers across every industry sector. Learning to code can enhance almost any career because of three key factors: 1) you learn to think differently, 2) you flex your creative skills, and 3), code is the language of the future. Acquiring the skills it takes to code an application or program doesn’t mean you have to find a job in the coding field. It means you have the skills to branch out of your current role and advance your career.

Learn to think differently.

Coding is all about problem-solving. One of the things coding schools like Eleven Fifty instills in their students is that problems must be broken down before being solved. By taking a larger problem and dissecting it into a series of smaller problems, you can create individual steps to solve the larger problem. Learning to code with any language comes down to logically creating a workable solution to a problem.

Because there’s such a strong emphasis on problem-solving, learning to code means learning to think differently. When you’re able to think differently than your colleagues, you’re able to set yourself apart. As an employee, if you want to build your career you need to think differently than everyone else. You need to be able to undertake a problem, process the information, and adapt your approach to finding a solution.

Flex your creative skills.

There’s this huge misconception that coding isn’t for the creative. It’s all numbers and no art, but the fact is that design and user experience plays a huge part in every line of code that is written. It takes a creative mind to find the solution that works not only for the code but also for the end user. To come up with an idea for an application or piece of software in the first place takes creativity.

But, the creativity doesn’t stop there. In solving problems with code, you need to have a creative flair to find the best solution. In some cases, there might be multiple solutions, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the best possible solution. Learning to code allows you to flex your creative muscles as you work through challenges.

Coding is the language of the future.

The technology revolution is happening right now and coding is the driving force behind all of it. As new innovations and technology pop up every day, if you don’t understand at least one coding language, you’ll be left behind. While you may not feel you have a place in this technology-driven world, it’s actually the opposite.
It’s argued that “non-tech” people need to learn to code even more because in the future, coding will directly impact business and society. It’s not just about your future career, it’s about the future as a whole.

Are you ready to learn to code and enhance your career? Eleven Fifty offers courses for students of all levels. If you’re just getting started, our Intro to Coding course gives you an overview and will help point you in the right direction. If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, our SmartStart programs provide an immersive learning experience where you’ll gain all of the skills a junior developer needs.

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