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Here at Eleven Fifty Academy, we have seven core values (Diversity, Ethics, Learning, Influence, Quality,  Teamwork, and Fun) that are the essence of everything we do. This is how we make every decision and every interaction we have. As part of being a student here at Eleven Fifty Academy, we ask that the students adopt these values as part of the program.

While all students exhibit these values throughout the program, we would like to recognize a few students who exhibited these values in a meaningful and impactful ways that were noticed, appreciated, and recognized by fellow students and the EFA instructional staff.

Graduation Speaker

In preparation for graduation, each class nominates a class speaker that serves as a representative of that class at graduation. This person should embody all of the core values of Eleven Fifty Academy. Charles is a team player that embodies all the core values of Eleven Fifty Academy. He is a positive influence, even if you are having issues. He works hard and makes life easier for others around him.

Charles maintained a positive attitude in the classroom by joking around or like one student shared reminds you that “hey that happens.” He is an outgoing guy that came to class with a up beat, “we” can do it attitude. Thank you, Charles, for being who you are and having such a positive influence on your classmates.


…to foster a culture where uniqueness of beliefs, backgrounds, talents, capabilities, and ways of living are leveraged.

The Diversity Core Value Award goes to L Decker.

Here is what her classmates said about her: L is a great person who is real and transparent. She always checks in to see how your day is going. She is willing to listen and understand. she is focused and engaged. Her diverse work background is impressive. She uses those experiences to help us problem solve. She is unique and diverse is everything she has done and is doing. Thank you, L, for sharing your experience and fostering diversity in your interactions with each of us.


…to be genuine, transparent, and authentic.

The Ethics Core Value Award goes to Nathan Randall.

Here is what his classmates said about him: Nathan is always upfront and honest in each of his interactions. He is thoughtful and genuine in every conversation. He has a diverse background with a strong drive to keep learning. He treats each of us as individuals and showed great leadership to our class. Thank you, Nathan, for your authentic and genuine approach in your interactions.


…to acquire and refine knowledge and skills through relevant instruction, shared experiences, self-direction, and practice

The Learning Core Value Award goes to Tyler Vermillion.

Here is what his classmates said about him: Tyler was always taking things to the next level in class. He had his own sense of direction adding personalized elements that weren’t be taught or weren’t required. He loved sharing what he had learned with his peers. His apps are impressive and got beyond the standards. Thank you, Tyler, for your constant push to learn and accelerate. It was an inspiration for us all.


…to instill disciplines that positively impact perceptions, behaviors, decisions, and attitudes.

The Influence Core Value Award winner is Matt Mistead.

Here is what his classmates said about him: Matt had a positive influence on everyone he met. His worked hard and by example encouraged others to the do the same. To illustrate his influence, Matt was actually nominated in several categories for core values. Thank you, Matt, for being such a positive influence in class and for your encouragement to your classmates.


…to drive excellence in our efforts, experiences, and interactions.

The Quality Core Value Award winner is Ben Peterson.

Here is what his classmates said about him: Ben’s work throughout the program was top notch. As one student said, just look at his portfolio! He is obsessed with being the best he can and giving others around him that courage to do the same. He pushes himself but is able to give selflessly to others to help them achieve their goals. Thank you, Ben, for helping us and for inspiring us to go above and beyond in our learning.


…is to work as a group and utilize our combined strengths to achieve a shared vision

The Teamwork Core Value Awards are winners are Devan Peetz.

Here is what his classmates said about him:  Devan is a leader.  He was also nominated across several of our core value award categories, which speaks to his embodiment of all of our values.  Devan is genuine and true in his conversations and strives to complete the work to the best of his ability while also focusing on the team.  Thank you, Devan, for your team spirit and for helping us all succeed.



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