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[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]It’s always interesting to watch our students’ progress and watch them continuously learn more about coding throughout the 9 weeks they are here with us in the Accelerated Learning Program. This time, we had two tracks, JavaScript and .NET going on at the same time! We spoke to some students in both classes about their experience here with us.

What were you looking forward to the most when you began the program?

“The thing I was most looking forward to was just learning knew things and being capable of coding.”

–Collin Peak

“I was most looking forward to obtaining good job skills when I began the program. I’m most looking forward to getting a job as a Web Developer.”

–Angie Reid

“I was looking forward to developing new skills that would allow me to transition to a respected career with a high demand and would possibly allow me less stress, more flexibility and job satisfaction.”

–Danyel Davis

“I was looking forward to just learning about what’s behind the scenes in the technology that we use every day. I definitely learned that. Now I think it’s just utilizing that knowledge I gained and building off of it.”

–Ali Tahir

Tell us the most important thing you learned here.

“I’ve learned a ton of technical knowledge but what I’ve learned the most is being patient with myself and the learning process. So instead of getting frustrated to the point of not being able to work, I’ve learned how to take a step away and how to be a little more patient, which has helped me find solutions better and more quickly than what I was able to do in the past.”

–James Handshoe

“How to make things scalable and organize things so that it’s not just one use.”

–Blake Steel

“I am really enjoying learning about database use. It’s something that I was familiar with while I was doing point of sales software development. But now seeing all of the templates that are available and all the frameworks, and work that has already been do for you, and learning how to use those templates effectively, but also at the same time not depend on them entirely, has been enlightening. It has taken my code to a different level being able to see and use high-level code that I didn’t necessarily have to right myself.”

–Pat Dobson

“The most important thing I learned here is attention to detail. Even the slightest mistake can mess up your code. Another thing I learned was take your time.”

–Bret Johnson

What kept you motivated during the times you wanted to give up?

“I have been motivated by the progress that I have made thus far.  I have learned so much in only 5 weeks and I am looking forward to seeing the results once the program is completed.”

–Jennifer Lawyer

“What kept me motivated was the end result. The job opportunities and the ability to learn something new kept me going.”

–Bret Johnson

“What keeps me motivated is solving the challenge. When you are working on something and you hit a road block, it’s so incredibly frustrating. When you are able to pull together resources from a friend or colleague, or a solution that you read on Stack Overflow, or just trial and error solution…When you are able to take on these resources and put it together to the final implementation, and everything works the way that you want it to, it’s such a rewarding experience. It’s what keeps me coming back.”

–James Handshoe

What are you looking forward to the most after you graduate?

“After graduation, I am looking forward to having a new skill set and the job opportunities it will bring.  I am also looking forward to being a TA and getting to help new students with their journey.”

–Jennifer Lawyer

“The thing I’m looking forward to most after I graduate is to being able to confidently say I can use code and be able to manipulate code and make my own and/or work with people to make complicated phone apps as well as possibly solve problems through the use of code.”

–Collin Peak

“I look forward to continuing the learning process even outside of this class.”

–Blake Steel

“When I graduate, I am looking forward to saying that I accomplished a tasks that I felt I could not.”

–Danyel Davis

“When I started the program, I really wanted to learn C#.  After I graduate, I look forward to transitioning from the apprenticeship to a real-world .NET development job.”

–David Mazmanian




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