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IoT is an ecosystem of connected devices.

The term IoT or the Internet of Things has been thrown around quite a bit lately. We talk about connected devices and the future of every industry depending on these connected devices, but what does IoT really mean? What makes something a connected device? And is the Internet of Things really the future of every industry? It’s time to break down what IoT is really about, why it matters to the future of business, and what you can do to prepare for all of the changes.

What exactly is IoT?

You’ve no doubt heard about the Internet of Things or maybe just IoT, but you aren’t entirely sure what it’s about. You understand the Internet plays a role and something about connected devices, but that may be as far as your understanding goes. It’s a technical concept, but the first step in planning for the future of your business, from a strategic standpoint, requires you to fully understand what the Internet of Things is and does.

The first piece in the complex puzzle of IoT is creating a seamless ecosystem of connected devices and solutions for users to use. This ecosystem could be a smartphone application or it could be a crockpot that can be monitored and controlled using a smartphone or other Internet-enabled device. By developing and launching this ecosystem of connected devices (Internet of Things), you create real opportunities for your business.

What does it take to build the ecosystem of connected devices?

There are three main components of the IoT ecosystem:

1. The first component involves determining the hardware used in your IoT ecosystem. For example, if you’re going to develop a connected crockpot, you’ll also need a smartphone application or some other piece of hardware that can be used to connect to the crockpot. You can use any hardware that suits your business or solution.

2. Once you’ve determined the hardware you’ll use, it’s imperative to establish the secure connection users will access in order to create the web or ecosystem between all of the devices needed for their solution. This connection will also allow you to create and collect data based on the device usage.

3. After creating your connected devices and establishing the secure connection, it’s imperative to develop an application that allows you to collect and visualize the data created by the ecosystem of connected devices. The visualization application needs to be secure in order to protect users’ data, allow you to communicate with users, and maintain the data you’ve collected. This application will also be used to analyze the data, which helps you enhance your products while also discovering more about your users.

How do you prepare for the Internet of Things?

Aside from developing and connecting your devices, it’s important to have a firm understanding of IoT Analytics and how you can use the collected data to improve products, enhance your business, and deliver better customer service and satisfaction. With the power to do all of these things, the future of every business in virtually every industry must rely on this ecosystem of connected device in order to scale and succeed.

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