Immersive learning provides hands-on experiences.

A hot topic in HR conversations over the last few years is employee tuition assistance or reimbursement programs. Some see these programs as a way to recruit top talent while others see them as a key benefit for retaining that talent. No matter your reason for implementing these programs, you want to see a return on your investment as quickly as possible.

Traditional methods have mixed results that employers cannot always count on to be beneficial for their employees or their company.

Ideally, the return on an employee tuition assistance program wouldn’t take years, but traditional education can take two to four years depending on the degree and your employees may have gained knowledge, but not practical skills.

Then there’s the conference route. You could send your employees to a 2 day or even week long conference. They’ll sit in a large conference hall and listen to world class speakers. But, when they return to work they may not have retained anything they listened to, which costs you employee time and potentially thousands of dollars.

You could attempt different versions of in-office training, which puts the educational experience in the hands of your employees. Everything from cross training to attending online webinars fall into this category. The results depend entirely on the employee and their willingness to participate, retain information, and actively learn.

Immersive learning is about diving head first into the experience of learning and creating a real experience of application-based knowledge.

Simply put, immersive learning is all about creating a learning experience in which lessons are centered around real-world experiences and needs. In the case of employee tuition assistance programs, these real-world experiences can be used to further the knowledge and increase the skill set of an employee.

Immersive learning is about real value. While traditional methods mentioned above focus on course material and foundational work, immersive learning takes the foundational knowledge and puts it to work. Rather than simply talk about ideas, tools, and theories, immersive learning allows students to take that information and put it to work.

When your employees are exposed to this type of learning environment they are far more comfortable knowing that it’s a controlled environment. Mistakes will be made, but because the environment is controlled, those mistakes can be turned into learning opportunities.

Retention of information is also increased in immersive education systems because of the hands-on nature of the program. Rather than watching or listening, students are actually doing. This allows them to get experience performing the task or using their skills and offers them the opportunity for instant feedback.

Eleven Fifty provides employees with immersive learning opportunities to build skills while employers see a faster return on their investments.

Whether you’re looking to help strengthen and advance your employees current skill levels or provide them with the opportunity to develop new skills, the Skill-Up courses offered at Eleven Fifty are designed as immersive learning experiences.

Students are exposed to the tools and technology from day one, so there aren’t any hidden surprises outside of the classroom. Our courses are the perfect way for employees to step up their game at work and are the perfect way for employers to see a quicker return on their investment. Many of our Skill-Up courses are only a week long or less, so your employees gain the real-world knowledge and skills they need and return to work reignited and feeling empowered.

Eleven Fifty is committed to helping your team operate at top levels. What are you waiting for? Contact Eleven Fifty to learn about a partnership for your employee tuition assistance program.



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