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A question for you developers!

What do you know about the people who will use the product you are planning to create?

Your answer?

They are:

  • Human – Check!
    Unless you are designing an app to entertain a cat, and even then, a human is likely to be required to make it do something.
  • Alive – Check!
    Zombies are unlikely to care about the latest ap. Too busy hunting down the tasty brain that created it.
  • Just like me – Whoa there!
    Yes, I know that deep-down we are all the same (Cue emotional orchestral music.)

But we aren’t talking deep-down here!
We are talking about using a specific piece of software on a limited number of types of devices to satisfy a personal goal.

Like using an app on your iPhone to find a place that has thin crust pizza with artisanal crust, organic cheese, and gourmet toppings, within a 10-minute drive of your current location.

(OK, so you might want to do that…)

One of the biggest barriers to creating that super fabulous product that is loved by people who use it and makes you a millionaire is not knowing who those people are, what they are really like, and what they NEED.

“No problem,” you say. “I can read minds. I know what they want.”

Hey, I’m a psychologist, and even I can’t read minds! (I know. I have tried. Fail!)

What I CAN do is use some techniques that don’t require psychic ability to learn about people and how they think and behave.

Even if you don’t want to get deep into all that “inter-personal” stuff, you can make use of what someone else (Like a UX Professional) can learn about how people might react to your product.
Even better, you can learn these things BEFORE those long nights of getting the code just right.

This “people” knowledge goes a long way when putting together a gorgeous interface that actually WORKS!

And it doesn’t mean you don’t know what you are doing if you ask a few questions.
You do need to know what questions to ask those nice people who will buy and use your product.

If you don’t want to do it, someone with expertise in User Experience Research can do it for you. You just need to know what YOU need to come up with a great product.

This is why the folks at GravityDrive created a basic User Experience (UX) course.

You can take it right here at Eleven Fifty Academy.
A course for people who want to code, and don’t want to waste their time creating something that the people using it will hate.

You will get to learn about (and even use) some of the tools that tell us how people think and how they might behave when using your product, even when all you have is a sketch of an idea.

You will know enough to try some of these tools on your own after the class is finished, and to decide whether you want to learn more – or go back to that quiet computer – with a better understanding of what will make YOUR PRODUCT successful.

If you have any questions about how the folks at GravityDrive collect information from the kinds of people who might want or need your product, just give us a whistle!

(Actually – I would recommend email or telephone.
Sorry, we currently do not accept telepathic communication.)

Suzi Shapiro, for GravityDrive




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