Posted on September 22nd, 2020 in Eleven Fifty Academy

The idea of becoming a User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) designer is appealing to many people who want to start a career in tech without getting too, well, technical. Unlike coders or software developers, these professionals focus on the physical design and experience of a product . If you’ve ever used an app, software or digital product and thought, “I could do this so much better,” here’s how to get started on a career in UX/UI design without having to complete a full 4-year degree or spend lots of money.

How to Become a UX Designer Without a Degree

A User Experience designer does their work by understanding how users will interact with a product. This means spending lots of time collecting qualitative data by talking, listening, and watching the behaviors of their target audiences and thinking critically about how those insights apply to design. They’ll also use quantitative data found through business analytics, surveys, and other methods of data collection to prove their design decisions.

The good news is that it is possible to self-educate in some of this subject by reading and watching videos. While you may not be able to fully land a job and demonstrate your experience on a resume without some kind of formal training, this foundation will still be valuable when you enroll in a bootcamp or other certification program. Here are some basic resources on how to become a UX designer:

Study color theory and other user psychology

See design everywhere after understanding UX in daily life

Explore what makes web design unique from other design

With this self-education in user experience design, you’ll have a better idea of the personal value you’ll find exploring this creative career.

Are UX Designers in Demand?

User experience design is a very in-demand skill set, even ranked by LinkedIn as one of 2019’s most sought-after job skills. At the same time, 37% of software development startups and project teams expect to begin relying more and more on freelance UX designers, according to a 2018 survey. Teams will seek out UX designers with creative specialization unique to specific projects, versus staffing a team of designers in-house. This means your skills will be in high demand, but you may not work with a single company for your entire career.

What To Expect from a UX Design Course

Similar to the way your career as a UX designer may expand beyond a single company, a UX design course for beginners will give you a foundation that sets you up to continue learning the skills that interest you most.

In a UX design course, you will not learn how to code. Instead, you spend time with experienced UX designers learning the most common industry tools and developing projects like interactive prototypes. You’ll also learn the basics of user research and how to collect and apply feedback on your designs. 

How to Become a UI Designer Without a Degree

User interface design means thinking about what users will need to accomplish in a software application, like logging into accounts, making customer service requests, and other features. Using information and prototypes from UX research and insights,  UI designers then create the product design to meet audience needs and expectations, and align with other concerns like ADA compliance. 

While it’s not easy to get a practical design education from reading or watching videos, you can start exercises that will help you grow your design instinct:

Perform practical exercises in design analysis every day

Learn about typography in design

Explore design thinking concepts to get ready for the work environment 

These tools for user interface design self-education will help you confirm if this role is the right one for you to break into tech.

Are UI Designers in Demand?

UI designers are in equal demand to UX designers, with roles like “digital product designer” that bridge gaps between the two disciplines also a hot commodity. Ultimately, those who specialize in user interface design will bring their own unique creative perspective to the table. Your skills will be in demand by companies and software products that match your aesthetic and share your beliefs about what great design looks like. 

What To Expect From a UI Design Course

A UI design course will teach you the most used tools for collaboration with both user experience designers and the developers who bring your designs to life through code. These include platforms like Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma. You’ll also get feedback on your designs from experienced professionals and find mentors who can help you grow your unique style while also meeting industry standards and other requirements. 

How Much Do UX UI Designers Make?

By now, you might be thinking that these roles sound closely connected, and you’re right! In fact, many companies might advertise for both roles in one. But a UI/UX designer salary varies depending on your location, strongest skills, and official job title. On the low end, salaries in the $80,000 range are the average around Indianapolis, with the high end of salary in the six-figure range. As your portfolio of successful projects loved by audiences grows, so will your salary!

UI/UX Design Course for Beginners and Established Professionals in Indiana

Since these roles require parallel strengths and skill sets, Eleven Fifty Academy developed our unique eight-week learning experience to deliver a relevant, combined UI/UX curriculum that will have you leaving the (sometimes) virtual classroom ready for a job. Whether you want an entry-level tech position as a newcomer to the industry or want to build on existing skills for a promotion, this course will transform your life and help you skill up for the modern market. We invite you to take a Free Intro to UX/UI Design course at Eleven Fifty Academy, or contact one of our admissions specialists to learn more about the eight-week online certification program.



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