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Coding academies are the perfect transition for homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers, like other high school graduates, are faced with a multitude of options after graduating. While many will go on to universities and colleges, many will feel like they were meant for something else. Because of the nature of homeschooling, coding academies are a great transition for homeschoolers entering the workforce. If a homeschooler knows for certain they want to be a web developer, web designer, or a programmer of any sort, then choosing coding academies over a traditional option might be a great way for them to launch their career.

Here are a few reasons coding academies make sense for home schoolers:

Fast-paced curriculum matches up with self-teaching methods from being home schooled.

As a homeschool graduate, you were probably in charge of a majority of your education, which means you set your school hours and chose when and how to study. Because you are used to this method, you most likely moved through curriculum faster than students learning in a classroom setting. Instead of enrolling in an institution focused on classroom and lecture-based learning, coding academies offer accelerated courses where information is presented in a faster-paced environment. The material is given to you quickly, you have to pick up on it quickly, and you’ll have to learn how to teach yourself.

Your natural maturity lends itself to the immersive classroom and the workforce.

Being somewhat in charge of your own education is a huge responsibility. From passing tests to maintaining grades and learning on your own, you understand what it’s like to bear a large responsibility on your shoulders. This understanding will not only help you advance in an immersive classroom setting, but will help you when you go to enter the workforce. At Eleven Fifty, we’ve seen homeschooling students turn this maturity into impressive skills that help them soar to the top of their class.

The camaraderie built in coding academies is often much stronger than social interactions found at colleges.

Yes, in a higher education institution you’re exposed to experiences and a culture that you probably won’t find in coding academies. However, because you’re with the same coders from day one through your entire program, you develop bonds that go beyond that classroom. You’ll work in dynamic teams learning the agile development process, compare code, and even work together to build applications. It’s about more than attending class together. You’ll develop skills together and learn how to build something.

At Eleven Fifty, we encourage home schooling students to explore all of their options before making a decision about their future. As a coding academy focused on people and not profits, we make the learning experience about your skills and your goals. Helping you develop into a versatile coder is a goal from day one. What are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more!



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