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In 2020, the unprecedented rise of the coronavirus turned out to be a volcanic eruption, creating both economic losses and opportunities almost simultaneously. Many individuals across the country were furloughed due to employment and budget cuts, which resulted in approximately 18 million people plummeting head first into the unemployment category by the summer months  

However, at the same time, the pandemic proliferated high demand and high-paying jobs, accelerating trends which will continue through the next decade. Currently, thousands of jobs have been created…but there aren’t enough skilled professionals to fill in the gaps. 

Here’s where you come in, though. You’ve been searching for the perfect position where you can scale your talent and treasure. If you’ve been wondering which jobs will be in high demand through the next decade, you’re in luck reading this list. 


While many tech-related positions have been created in 2020, Eleven Fifty Academy is also faithful to its mission of bridging the tech gap. With the creation of new jobs comes the demand for specialized skills needed to execute responsibilities on all tiers of experience. Here are some of the most in demand technologies from 2020.

  • Python: an easy-to-learn coding language that cuts the hefty costs of program upkeep
  • Machine learning: a type of artificial intelligence that uses data to improve optimization without human interference.
  • Django: a language that is widely used on larger and more complex platforms that require relatively less code to maximize performance

As technology continues to evolve, there are larger and more complex processes that require simplified computing. The aforementioned skills can help you problem solve and determine solutions that will make tech processes much easier in the long run. With competitive skills like those, you’ll be a couple of steps ahead of the learning curve. By enrolling in our specialized courses, you’re jumpstarting the first big steps towards a high demand career in tech! 


Despite the fact that there has been a reported decrease in national averages for tech hiring, 2020 yielded a 30% increase within the most sought after tech jobs. As we enter 2021, it will become pertinent to many job seekers to find employment that not only satisfies their current needs, but also creates a sustainable future in the unfortunate case of another decline in the economy. Below, you’ll find a few tech jobs that are projected to be in high demand over the next decade. 


Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, WordPress developers create stunning, high quality web-sites using an assortment of plugins to make the user experience as seamless and efficient as possible. Your job as a WordPress developer could find you helping to build or customize websites, build themes and plug-and-play platforms, or developing plugins for use by thousands of WordPress users.


As one of the most rapidly expanding tech positions in the world, app development has completely revolutionized our economy. Ranging from current events and entertainment to commerce and messaging, the skills required to dive into the occupation can be learned by any person who has a passion for problem solving. Even a person without experience can learn the competitive and highly marketable skills within 3-6 months, thus filling one more gap in the tech industry.


Software engineers analyze software applications, using mathematical, engineering, and computer-related theories and practices. While the industry asserts that five to seven years of experience is needed to be successful in this role, we believe that such success is achievable in less time, for less money, and for the same level of rigor. As technological advancements continue to rise, computer systems will need to be developed to support the intricacies that come with said advancements. If you’re passionate about software engineering, keep your eyes peeled for a wave of jobs that will hit tech shores in the near future! 


It should come as no surprise that security professionals will contribute to the list of high demand jobs in the next 10 years. As a matter of fact, cyber security is very likely to boom for decades to come. Top IT managers and executives are always on the search for highly-skilled professionals in this area but, as is the case with many tech related jobs, there are usually more seats than people to fill them. The most sought after skills in cybersecurity include, but are not limited to:HIGH DEMAND JOBS IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS

  • operational security
  • risk management,
  • network & cloud security



Eleven Fifty Academy’s robust course offerings are a surefire way to propel your career well into the next decade. As tech industry standards continue to evolve, we are also able to create more opportunities for learners like yourselves to move with the trends, rather than fall behind them. Check out the Eleven Fifty Academy website to learn more about how you can begin to create a sustainable future in just a few short months with our free introductory courses!



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