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“I thought I would be the only ‘career-changer’ and the oldest person in the classroom – I wasn’t! My experience so far has given me a new appreciation for the business analysts, technical project managers, developers, and testers that I used to work with!”

Meet Ethan Ransdell, one of our Java graduates and current Apprentice. Ethan, 32, graduated from our Accelerated Learning Program in November and enjoys politics, reading, and doing crossword puzzles. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Germanic Studies with a Linguistics minor from Indiana University – Bloomington.

3 Fun Facts about Ethan:

  1. His preferred workplace is Starbucks, where there are free refills on brewed tea.
  2. Anything he could ever need in life is sold at Target (we agree)!
  3. He has built a charity web application for collecting donations for fundraising walks. Participants can set up a profile and send e-mails to their friends/family to request contributions. You can review it at:

“I had an operations project management and marketing role. I worked with IT to create new and improved system for call center and pharmacy processing. I wanted to make a jump ‘over the fence’ and be a ‘real’ IT professional.”

He heard about Eleven Fifty Academy when he ran across the word “coding boot camp” on a political website and started researching various boot camps. “I looked at other schools and fell in love with Eleven Fifty Academy’s mission, especially because it is a nonprofit.”

Why choose our program? “The apprenticeship part was the ultimate factor in determining where I went. I felt like it would be the perfect segue from a non-technical career to a technical one with support.” He’s had previous coding experience in LogoWrite during a summer school class. He taught himself QBASIC and later delved into HTML. During college, he was introduced to Python in a computation linguistics class and then started developing his own programs and hosted a web server in his campus dorm room.

Ethan says, “the career workshops and our advisors had a powerful impact on how I see myself as a worker. For the first time in my career, I am confident in my experiences and resume. Attending interviews is fun now that I can relax and tell the story of how I got where I am, and where I want to go.” Ethan is now working at a company called A Simple Reminder, a mobile marketing and reminder service!

“I’ve only ever coded by myself, so it will be great to learn how to write code in a team, where bad things can happen if communication breaks down and multiple people make changes to the same block of code.”



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