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By: Sydney Watson, Student at University of Michigan

When you ask someone what type of smartphone they have, they come back with either “an Android” or “an iPhone.” With 49.3% of consumers with an Android and 46.3% of consumers with an iPhone, the competition between the two companies, Google and Apple, is close.

With Apple releasing the beta version of iOS 10, and Android’s Nougat underway, both companies are promising to bring the newest and best software to the tech world. With these upcoming releases, here are some new features to expect:

Different UI Experiences

With the new iOS 10, Apple is changing their game when it comes to the UI. All you have to do is lift your phone off of a table or merely pick it up and the screen will come to life. The lock screen will display your notifications and time without the need to press the home or lock button like before. However, Samsung, Microsoft, and other types of phones have had this feature for a while, so Apple is just seeming to catch up.

Another major change in Apple is supporting widgets on iOS. If you open your notification center, you can see all the things you saw before, but with a simple swipe, you can also see information from your selected widgets. Apple is even opening up this widget experience to third-party developers.

In terms of Nougat, the battery life is expected to increase for Android smartphones even more. They already surpass the battery life of iPhones, but Google is planning on taking it even further. With the Doze mode, your Android already saves battery life, but in the current software it only works when your phone is stationary. Google is expected to employ Doze mode whenever your phone screen is off with Nougat, automatically minimizing the energy consumption.

On top of that, Nougat is increasing the multitasking capabilities. Multi-window capabilities are expected to be featured on smartphones and not just tablets like before. Having two apps run side by side simultaneously enhances the user experience with the new Nougat update.  With a new and refreshed notification center on top of that, many say Nougat will have a more aesthetically pleasing interface as a whole.

Updated Messaging

Apple has always had a fairly straightforward Messages app throughout the years. With iOS 10, they’re planning on making it a more social experience for users. You can draw messages, animate messages, send stickers, and more. On top of using emojis, the new visual additions to Messages will likely be the biggest improvement for most users. Adding to the improvements, you can see previews of YouTube video links, draw over pictures, like messages (much like Facebook or Instagram Direct Messaging), and send GIFs.

Google, however has taken a much more complicated route when it comes to messaging. Android users will make the decision between multiple apps when it comes to communicating. There’s Google Hangouts, Messenger, and then two more apps named Duo and Allo. Duo will be the Android form of FaceTime: a video conferencing app. Allo will be the messaging app, but with even more features like reply suggestion, suggestions for restaurants through OpenTable, self-destructing messages, and more. Regardless of the cool features, Google has created confusion – with so many apps, how can you decide which one to use? Google Hangouts already includes video conferencing, so many are questioning the need for another app that does the same thing.

With all these new features, it all boils down to those who have created them. If you’re interested in learning more about iOS or Android, Eleven Fifty Academy offers courses to satisfy your needs. Check out these classes here.




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