Posted on November 17th, 2020 in Community, Eleven Fifty Academy

Indianapolis is a rising Midwest tech hub full of opportunity for entry-level technology professionals. Tech employment represents 7% of the Indianapolis region’s job opportunity, and almost 8% of the local economy. Plus, it’s projected that the tech sector will grow another 8% by 2026. 

But what makes Indianapolis great isn’t just the booming tech job market, but also the welcoming Midwest culture. Hoosier Hospitality is legendary for a reason. Central Indiana’s tech community is supported by a number of incredible organizations that can help anyone get started in tech. Here’s an alphabetical list of groups to connect with and find peers and colleagues on your journey to an incredible tech career in Indianapolis. 

16 Tech Community Corporation is a tech innovation district dedicated to fostering tech growth and innovation in Central Indiana. Solo entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies alike find homes to connect, collaborate, and innovate on the nonprofit’s 50-acre campus. In addition, they provide workforce training, business support, infrastructure planning, tech grants, scholarships, and more. 

Be Nimble is an Indianapolis tech diversity nonprofit committed to creating fully diverse and inclusive tech ecosystems. Through both quantitative and qualitative action like regular networking events, a startup accelerator, mentorship programs, and career training, Be Nimble promotes Black and Latinx tech professionals and startup founders.

Code Black is a nonprofit and social enterprise focused on helping underserved minority students skill up and step into their place as the innovative tech leaders of the future. Through camps, demos, classes, and more, the organization provides training. Code Black also connects its members to employment opportunities through a variety of B2B relationships. 

Indiana Technology and Innovation Association is a statewide association of Indiana tech companies, professionals, and vendors. The group is committed to educating and informing policy makers and politicians about the issues relevant to the tech community. In addition to giving technology a voice in the public arena, it also hosts regular tech talks and panels for members to learn. 

Indianapolis Tech Meetups exist for all different tech specialties and areas of expertise. Some popular Indianapolis Meetups for tech professionals include React.Indy, Code and Coffee, AgileIndy, Women Who Code, and more. 

Indy Women In Tech is committed to encouraging girls and young women to pursue careers in STEM fields. Through financial support, training, and mentorship, among other opportunities, the group seeks to advance Indiana’s STEM community through more representation. 

Powderkeg is a talent network and community for tech organizations between the coasts. Headquartered in Indianapolis, the group hosts regular events, podcasts for tech career development,  and pitch nights for startups. It also maintains a virtual talent network where job seekers can connect with employers to find jobs they’ll love. 

TechPoint is a nonprofit committed to creating and strengthening the connections that make Indiana’s tech ecosystem great. In addition to its job board for tech job openings in Indianapolis, the organization also hosts regular events. These include the Tech MIRA Awards celebrating Indiana’s tech success stories, and the Tech 25 Awards highlighting 25 exceptional tech professionals outside the C-suite.

TMAP is an Indiana tech talent pipeline facilitator helping individuals and hiring companies connect. From entry-level professionals up to executives, TMAP is a team of Hoosiers helping Indiana residents find jobs they love. Individuals can apply online to be part of the talent pool and get access to curated opportunities for career growth. 

Women & Hi Tech exists to change the landscape of STEM to be equally inclusive to all. For twenty years the group has developed Indiana’s excellent female STEM professionals through networking, professional development, grants and scholarships, and more.  The group also provides volunteer opportunities to work with K-12 students, college age students, and in the community at large.

In addition to these nonprofits, community connectors, and talent networks, Central Indiana is home to many incredible institutions of higher learning and professional development. This makes the Circle City a hub for new tech professionals, career-changers, and established professionals alike. Sectors like educational technology, agriculture technology, software development, and life sciences are among some of the unique areas where opportunity and exciting careers are plentiful. Indianapolis is an emerging tech hub full of potential. 

Say Hello to Indy Tech with Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy was founded in Indianapolis to help Hoosiers skill up and meet the need for talent in web development, software development, cybersecurity, and the other tech industries that will define the future of our state. Through part-time and full-time bootcamps, we provide industry-leading training with experienced instructors supported by mentorship and guidance from industry professionals. Our students emerge from bootcamp ready to find a great job or become their own bosses as freelancers and startup founders. 

If getting to know the Indianapolis tech community through the organizations on this list gets you excited, Eleven Fifty Academy is the next step to help you transition to a tech career. Attend some of our free classes to get a better sense of what field is right for you, or connect with our admissions team to ask questions and learn more. 



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