To say Lawrence is passionate about helping people would be an understatement. Prior to coming to Eleven Fifty for the .NET coding bootcamp, he worked as an ER and procedural nurse for five years. While he loved the job and helping people in his work, without additional school, there wasn’t a lot of room for advancement. As he considered his options, he talked with a few friends about where to go, and what to do next. One of those friends happened to be an Eleven Fifty alumni from the JavaScript course and told him this could be a great option for learning new skills and securing a job with more room for advancement.

We sat down with Lawrence to talk to him about his time so far at Eleven Fifty and what he’s looking forward to in the future. True to his helpful nature, he said he would like to take the skills he gains here and share them with the people he worked with in his previous career.

“I’m hoping to take what I learn here and take those applications to my former coworkers so they can do more. Personally, I would like to be a Junior Developer. I want to find a place I can continue to grow and continue to learn.”

Lawrence came to Eleven Fifty with an open mind and no expectations about what the coding bootcamp would be like. He thought this opportunity was too good to pass up. The skills he gains here he can apply to many other career paths, so this was an obvious choice for him.

We asked Lawrence what he’s been enjoying about Eleven Fifty so far.

“I like the stability of the program and the assistance with job placement. I really appreciate the career services and help from the staff to help not only me, but all of us secure careers.

“I also like being able to learn something new again. Everything we learn is applicable to what we will be doing every day. I know what I’m learning here will be useful in my future career.”

As he continues through the program, Lawrence has his sights set on a future job full of opportunity and continued learning. He is looking forward to where this course takes him for the future and is already thinking about career plans 10-15 years from now.

“In five years I hope to be a mid-level developer. In 10-15 years I hope to be in developer operations or something similar.”

When he isn’t in the classroom, he spends his time gardening and tending to his plants. He is especially interested in Bonsai trees and likes to spend his downtime pruning and tending to his collection.

Lawrence Wagner Bonsai Trees  

Before we left, we asked Lawrence who he would be if he could spend the day in someone else’s shoes.

“If I could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, currently, I would want to be Ken or Paul, the instructors at Eleven Fifty. It would be great to see how they think as they develop applications and work through problems, as well as teaching and making programming/coding relatable for others to learn who are new to the field.”

Lawrence and the entire .NET cohort are working toward graduation and their future careers. We’re looking forward to seeing them walk across the stage at graduation and seeing where their careers in tech take them next. What will your success story look like? Are you ready to make the change and start your career in coding? Talk to one of our team members and rewrite your career starting today.

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