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By: Nick Lawson, Software Developer at Conperio Technology Solutions

I have been following technology since around 6th grade. I discovered programming after learning about Runescape private servers; they were programmed in Java so that was the first language I knew about. After that, I fell in love with the idea of programming to make and create things and followed technology religiously. I learned the basics of databases, Java, and C++ during my junior year of high school when I went to Central Nine Career School.

I enrolled in the 9-week .NET Accelerated Learning Program at Eleven Fifty Academy and was taught more advanced programming topics such as .NET, C#, and web development. Upon completing the program, I began my Apprenticeship, where I continued to develop my skills as a programmer. Before Eleven Fifty Academy, I was fidgety and nervous during interviews, but all of the mock interviews helped me improve my skills.

I accepted a job at a company located in Terre Haute, Indiana. Conperio makes custom solutions for manufacturing companies such as tools to track everything in the manufacturing process. I work on a project called Propulsion, which is a general based tool that aids in the manufacturing process. I program new systems to the old systems for the website typically in C# and JavaScript.

I was very nervous to begin a full-time job. I wondered if I could keep up with the other developers, if I could even do what I needed to, how strict my boss was, what my day would look like, and whether it would even be fun. Although I found it difficult to move away from Beech Grove and all my friends and family, the transition from being a student to being a programmer was smooth. I have been able to start paying debts I owe and have been able to live on my own. Having a full-time job gives me the freedom I have wanted for a long time.

I enjoy the work environment and the people I work with. Like many jobs, I work 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day. We are a medium-sized company, but in our building, we only have 5-6 people, which I enjoy because I have become close to my team and I feel like I make a difference and have a say.

The job is how I expected any developer position to be. I had seen programming jobs before coming here so I already knew how it was. The only difference is the size of the company – I had mostly seen big companies and this is fairly different to that; I don’t have someone looking over my shoulder all day, which is nice.

In the long run, my dream job is to work for a game development studio or working at Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft. Eleven Fifty Academy gave me the social skills to be able to interview and gave me the programming knowledge to be able to do my job at high efficiency.




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