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Eleven Fifty graduates talking about their latest coding project.

As a non-profit, Eleven Fifty is on a mission to close the growing technology skills gap. For students, that means having access to a curriculum that is ever-evolving to keep up with innovations in technology. It also means learning soft skills right along with the hard skills that employers are looking for. When it comes to employers, though, we offer more than just a recruiting partnership. We offer access to today’s emerging tech talent.

A Focus On Career Readiness Better Prepares Students For the Future

When students enroll in Eleven Fifty’s SmartStart Programs, they understand the program will be challenging, but, at the end, they’ll have the coding skills they need to be a junior developer. What they don’t always realize is that our staff and instructors are also going to help them become employable junior developers. With the understanding that knowing how to code isn’t enough to land the job, we help coders develop the skills they need to be versatile and prepared for the workforce.

  • Teamwork: we know your coders and developers probably don’t work solo, so why would you hire a junior developer who can’t work in a team? During our immersive programs, students work in teams and as a class to complete projects and build applications.
  • Portfolio Development & Presentation: knowing how to type a line of code is great, but understanding what the code is going to look like on the frontend and how to explain why it does what it does is even better. Eleven Fifty students develop custom portfolios and applications and present them to their peers and our staff.
  • Resume Building: our staff works with students to develop LinkedIn profiles and resumes because it’s an important part of the job hunting process. It also helps them better understand what employers are looking for in an employee.
  • Setting Realistic Expectations: Eleven Fifty students understand they are most likely not going to be making $100,000 or managing a team of programmers right out of the program. We help them set life and career goals that are realistic, so they don’t go into interviews or their first day with unrealistic expectations.

Check Out What A Couple of Employers Said About Our Graduates:

“My experience with Eleven Fifty Academy can be summed up in one word, “Awesome!”. I am currently in a leadership position over two juniors from the academy and every day they bring unparalleled work ethic and fresh insight into our development arena. They come out of the academy with more than just a set of skills to write code, they come out with professional experience, exceptional troubleshooting skills, and an impressive ability to troubleshoot. I have heard nothing but great things from other employers that have worked with these students and am building a talent pipeline based purely around the academy.” -HR Director from Sharpen

“As a smaller company, tapping into sources for talent is a struggle sometimes. We have to find the right type of person to accept working for a scale/startup, and thankfully Eleven Fifty has been one. Many of their students have not only the thirst and drive to be in tech, but also the desire to move into leadership roles. We have truly valued the 3 hires we have made thus far from the program. The backgrounds they have come from and the program(s) they have been through have prepared them to be very versatile, team players.” – Principal Software Engineer from AxiaTP

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