Eleven Fifty instructor to speak at upcoming CEWiT Summit.

At Eleven Fifty, we not only take pride in our students, but also in our instructors. From their classroom successes to their outside accomplishments, we’re excited about what they do and what they have going on. For Tiffany Trusty, it’s no different. She was recently asked to speak at the annual IU Center of Excellence for Women in Technology conference.

Code Writer, Entrepreneur, Security Jockey, Mother, Wife, Daughter…

TiffanyTrustyHeadshot_square-300x300Tiffany is kind of a jack of all trades when it comes to her career. She started out breaking records by being the 2nd female to graduate from Rose-Hulman, an institution known around the world for its first class engineering programs. From there, Tiffany launched her career with Motorola. It was because of her diverse skillset Tiffany was able to experience areas of leadership at Motorola including team lead and project manager. After 10 years of proving herself, she moved to the senior architects group where she developed and sharpened her skills in Product Security

Freelancing and Custom App Development

After spending 15 years at Motorola, Tiffany immediately learned Android and wrote a complicated application for REDUX. The app is still used around the nation at Verizon stores. When she had a few years of freelancing under her belt, Tiffany wanted something more. Hearing Scott Jones speak about his vision for Eleven Fifty, Tiffany knew the academy was exactly what she was looking for.

Paving Her and Other Women’s Way In Coding At Eleven Fifty

The minute Tiffany stepped into Eleven Fifty, she knew she wanted to be part of it. Starting out as an instructor and the Android Lead in the Eleven Fifty Consulting firm, Tiffany’s focus from day one has been developing students. When the apprentices moved to the Eleven Fifty Academy, she went with them as the Director of Apprentices. Tiffany’s favorite aspect of being part of Eleven Fifty is the mentorship. She loves watching our coders grow and learn to code.

Today, Tiffany is still actively involved in the academy, but also spends her time speaking about Women in Technology, STEM initiatives, working on her consulting business,  Trusty Applications, and telling everyone she can about Eleven Fifty. Everyone at Eleven Fifty is excited about her upcoming presentation at the CEWiT Summit where she’ll be speaking about succeeding in tech as a woman.

The CEWiT Summit is all about providing women from various fields and skill level with the opportunity to learn about and experience technology in order for them to know they can make a difference with technology. The Center of Excellence for Women in Technology focuses on transforming the presence and role of women working with technology, which is a catalyst to excellence and a mainstay for enhanced career success. Tiffany is excited to share her experiences and knowledge to a group of women looking to develop and use tech skills to empower their own careers.



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