Eleven Fifty instructor spoke at NDC London coding conference.

The NDC Conferences have become synonymous with successful coding conferences. Since 2008, these conferences have been drawing international crowds, the most well-known coding influencers, and coders looking to improve their skills. The goal of the conferences is to inspire software developers. During the conferences, speakers engage with developers on cutting edge technologies, features, and the best uses for coding languages. This year, one of Eleven Fifty’s instructors was invited to speak on his expertise. Dave Fancher spoke during two different sessions during the NDC London conference in January.

The Book of F# In 60 Minutes

Along with being a conference speaker, .NET expert, and coding instructor, Dave Fancher is also an author. His Eleven Fifty instructor speaking on, The Book of F#: Breaking Free with Managed Functional Programming, is all about writing succinct, predictable code for .NET in F#. For his first session at NDC London, Dave broke his book down into a digestible, 60 minute talk.

Focusing on the rich, expressive, functional-first language of F#, Dave walked session attendees through how to write simple code to solve complex problems. In just 60 minutes, Dave was able to show attendees the advantages of the functional-first paradigm and several key language features.

Branching Out With Elm

Introduced in 2012, Elm is a purely functional language for web development. During his second session at NDC London, Dave actually walked session attendees through the process of developing tic-tac-toe with Elm and was able to show attendees some of the features and benefits that the Elm language brings to programming web applications.

Instructing Code Students

When Dave isn’t out speaking at conferences all over the world, he’s an instructor at Eleven Fifty Academy. He brings the same expertise to the classroom as he does the conference hall. At the Academy, Dave teaches several of our .NET courses. He helps students learn about programming with Microsoft technologies and helps them understand the possibilities that coding offers.

Currently, Dave is co-organizing a local software development conference called Indy.Code(). Not only is Dave helping plan this event for coders, he’s also going to be speaking about functional programming with C#.

We’re thrilled to have Dave on the Eleven Fifty staff because of the innovation and functionality he brings to programming!

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