Posted on April 3rd, 2017 in Coding, Community

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we live and work by 6 core values:

  1. Diversity
  2. Ethics
  3. Quality
  4. Learning
  5. Team
  6. Influence

When one of our hardworking cohorts completes their 12-week, immersive learning program, we celebrate one individual who went above and beyond to show one of our core values. The graduates, like all of the graduates at Eleven Fifty, have the knowledge and skills to be entry-level coders.

We were extremely proud last week when our latest JavaScript cohort graduated. They tackled some challenging projects and proved themselves time and time again. The staff and instructors at Eleven Fifty want to recognize a 6 talented and dedicated coders who exemplified the Academy’s core values:

Diversity: To foster a culture where uniqueness of beliefs, backgrounds, capabilities and ways of living are welcomed and leveraged.

Winner: Aurora Wilson


What classmates said about Aurora: “Aurora is always welcoming and loving to everyone, no matter who they are. I think of her as being other-minded because she set a wonderful example in class of always being sure to include everyone in her group and not leave anyone out.”

Ethics: To be genuine, transparent, and authentic in every encounter we have.

Winner: Julie Simpson

What classmates said about Julie: “Julie Simpson is always 100% herself and isn’t afraid to admit when she doesn’t do something right or doesn’t understand something. She always has an open spirit (and smiling face).

Quality: To drive excellence in our efforts, experiences, and interactions.

Winner: Jona Hyun

What classmates said about Jona: “Jona always created beautiful projects and professional work through the track. He held his work to a certain standard and maintained that level throughout class and in every project. Jona has professionalism, quality to detail, solid standards with design and code.”

Learning: To acquire and refine knowledge and skills through relevant talents, instruction, shared experiences, living, self-direction, and practice.

Winner: Cameron Houser

What classmates said about Cameron: “Cameron Houser has exceptional drive to learn all he can and a strong desire to discover new technologies while striving to develop a quality product. He has always been leading the pack in all our work and has gone above and beyond. The entire class has benefited from his constant desire to learn more. He shares his learning freely with others and helps them to learn, too.”

Team: To work as a group and utilize our combined strengths to achieve a shared vision.

Winner: Chris Ellison

What classmates said about Chris: “Chris is a natural leader that brings out the best in his teammates. Chris always strives to benefit from other’s experiences as well as sharing his own.”

Influence: To instill disciplines that positively impact perceptions, behaviors, decisions, and attitudes.

Winner: Morgan Bosshardt

What classmates said about Morgan: Morgan’s drive for work inspired be with my own work ethic. She leads by example and she raises the bar high for everyone to follow.


Congratulations again to all of our graduates! We wish you continued success in the coding world!

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