Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit coding school focused on people, not profit.

At the heart of the Eleven Fifty Academy mission is people. A common phrase we use is, “Eleven Fifty exists for people, not profit.” You’ve probably seen that on our site, social media posts, or even heard it from our staff. We don’t just say it though. We believe it.

The Eleven Fifty Academy Mission

Our mission statement is something the entire staff at Eleven Fifty Academy is passionate about and strives to live out each day: “Eleven Fifty Academy exists to help close the nation’s growing technology skills gap through its mission of creating an ecosystem of coding talent that benefits the individual, their employer, and their community.”

As a non-profit coding academy, Eleven Fifty has several goals, all of which are focused on helping individuals in their careers and in their personal lives because we feel the two are intrinsically connected.

We exist to close the growing technology skills gap.

By 2020, over 1 million computing jobs are expected to be open, but only 400,000 computer science students to fill those roles. We see that as a huge problem. If those roles are left unfilled, our economy may stop growing, progressing, and innovating. Eleven Fifty doesn’t see the solution as a four-year degree. Traditional options simply cannot keep up with the changing pace of technology. Instead, there needs to be an alternative that keeps up with today’s growing technology demands. Eleven Fifty Academy is there to help close that gap and to offer students a quicker, more efficient path to their careers.

We exist for individuals.

By creating an ecosystem of coding talent, we’re creating a community of supporters, coaches, mentors, and aspiring coders. We don’t care if students have no experience or all of the experience imaginable. Together, we can help each other grow. It isn’t about focusing on a single community, but all communities. With our Employer Advisory Board, we craft a curriculum designed around the growing needs of employers and the current market trends. We do this not just to be on the cutting edge of technology, but to better prepare our students for life outside of the classroom walls. Through our programs, over 1,000 students have developed or enhanced their coding skills and we aren’t slowing down.

We exist for employers.

Because we focus on individuals and their career paths, we simply cannot ignore employers. We work closely with our Employer Advisory Board to not only craft curriculum, but to develop versatile coders. We reviewed our curriculum and the curriculum offered at other coding bootcamps and came to the conclusion that employers needed more than someone with the hard skills of coding. They needed coders who brought soft skills to the table, which is why our SmartStart coding programs include things like learning the agile development process, networking, teamwork, and portfolio development. By helping our students, we help their future employers.

We exist for communities.

With our outreach programs, we’ve successfully grown that coding ecosystem and we’ve inspired coders around the state of Indiana and inspired over 24,000 students of various backgrounds, ages, and skill sets. By going into schools, libraries, and other organizations, we’ve impacted lives in 25 Indiana communities. Our outreach programs are focused on getting people excited about coding, STEM, and the possibilities that go along with technology innovations. The best way to close that growing technology skills gap is to help students realize early on what they’re capable of and show them the power of coding, which helps the individual and, after gaining experience, helps the communities they are a part of.

Are you ready to learn more about why Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit coding school, how you can get involved, and what your involvement can do for individuals, employers, and communities? Check out our Funders page and contact us to learn more!



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