Posted on January 25th, 2021 in Eleven Fifty Academy

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has driven over 20 million citizens to an unemployed status. While many people are still struggling to make ends meet, there are many ways to get into a sustainable and high-paying career that is likely to expand over the next decade. Let’s take the tech industry, for example: More jobs are likely to emerge as technology evolves with the economy. What this means for you is that companies will be looking to fill the large gap of fillable positions. Additionally, if you’re the type of person who does not have time to pursue a four-year tech degree, tech bootcamps provide ‘easier’ solutions that give you the same experience, for less money and time –– even in as little as a few months! So, if you’ve wondered whether or not you can secure entry level tech jobs with no degree, you’re in luck! We’ll explore some of the easiest tech jobs to get into and how you can jumpstart your new career today. 


At first glance, web design may seem intimidating if you’re asking “What jobs can you get without college?”. However, web design involves building and optimizing websites. Web designers will also be able to understand why user-friendly web sites are so important to the user experience. From page transitions to the size of web text on any given screen, web designers create the visual elements that keep us coming back for more. 

A web designer should possess the following skills/traits:

  • graphic design  (i.e., Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • creativity
  • flexibility
  • communication
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are still intimidated by this tech role, you may find comfort in knowing that within the role of web design, you can apply for junior positions that allow you to work in the industry while learning from a senior level web designer. Fortunately, junior-level positions start with a reasonable salary of approximately $50,000 a year


Web developers are tasked with building the inner components of a website, such as the strings of code that allow us to move from one page to the next, or to actually see the images that pop up when we search for photos. 

Similar to web design, if you’re looking for an entry-level position that allows you to learn more about web development, you can apply for a junior-level web developer position. This allows you to work under senior-level developers to absorb more hands-on experience that is needed to create, modify and analyze websites. Web developers typically have a beginning salary of approximately $55,000 a year.

To become a web developer, you should possess the following skills/traits:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • performing website updates
  • written/verbal communication

If you’re worried about how to learn these skills, have no fear! You have the option of attending a free intro to coding course, or enroll in our full-time or part-time bootcamps .


If you’re looking to switch to a career in tech, and you’re well-versed in marketing, design, customer success, or even content creation, then you may find value in this tech role. UI Designers are the skillful minds behind the design, functionality and implementation of the user experience. A User Interface (UI) Designer focuses on how the application or web page looks. 

UI Designers should possess the following skills/traits:

  • knowledge of design elements (call-to-action, banners, page flows, etc.)
  • typography and graphic design
  • communication and punctuality
  • ability brainstorm with different teams to accomplish goals
  • understanding of prototyping, wireframes, and storyboards
  • working knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as Adobe Creative Suite

Have your gears started turning yet? Did you think this was possible? Maybe you’ve continually asked yourself “How do I get my first tech job?”. Well, how would you feel if you could receive compensation for using your prior and new acquired experiences to create compelling user experiences on a variety of platforms? On average, a UX/UI Designer’s salary typically starts at approximately $85,000, and if you’ve been wondering how to get into tech, this may be the right fit for you.


We find it important to note here that when we say ‘easy’, we’re not implying a lack of effort. You may even ask yourself, “Does entry-level mean no experience?”, implying that perhaps you may not need to know anything before going into the tech industry. While those are fair questions and perceptions to have, we believe that with the right skills, acquired experience, and minimal time investment (in comparison to a 2 or 4-year degree), you can “easily” enter the tech industry.

Eleven Fifty Academy is committed to bridging the tech industry gap by providing free intro classes and competitive bootcamps that can help you land the tech job you’ve been looking for!



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