Trace has been creative since he was a kid. Throughout his childhood, he was fascinated by video games and the creativity behind the worlds created by minds like Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario and Zelda among others). He has also had a love for music and the arts and enjoys playing music to this day. When it came time for Trace to consider his future career, he knew he wanted to do something with computers or art, but was unsure of the road to his dream job.

Transition to Coding Bootcamp

After a few semesters in college for software development, Trace started to wonder if his time was best spent pursuing a four-year degree. He knew he wanted to jump-start his career, blending two things he enjoyed, technology and art, and at the end of that semester of school, Trace found himself at a crossroads. Continue through the traditional path, or try something different to reach his goals. After looking into a few courses online, Trace decided to come to Eleven Fifty to meet with some of the advisors and see what the coding bootcamp was all about.

After meeting with Alex at Eleven Fifty, Trace knew this was the path he had been looking for. He enrolled in the JavaScript course, ready to work hard and move quickly on the dream he always knew he wanted to pursue. We had the chance to sit down with Trace and ask him a few questions about his experience at Eleven Fifty and his goals for the future.

About Trace’s Experience

What surprised you about the coding bootcamp experience and coding in general?

“How patient you have to be. You really have to take a step back sometimes and come back to complex problems with a fresh perspective.”

What would you say to someone considering a coding bootcamp?

“I would tell them to look at how much they’re spending on tuition and how much they feel like they’re getting out of each semester. If you don’t think you’re getting the most out of, come visit Eleven Fifty and just feel it out. You have to be here to really see it and get a feel of the organization.”

Creativity in Coding

We asked Trace about what draws him to coding and what he likes most about it. “There’s a lot of creativity and creation in coding. A lot of people don’t see it as an artistic venture, but when you’re writing code, you’re creating something.” In his time at Eleven Fifty, he’s had the opportunity to create some incredible projects and express his creativity through code.

Outside of the classroom and work, Trace still takes some time to create music. He loves playing guitar and plays shows when he can. He likes using his music to help support the community and give back when he can to organizations in Indianapolis like IYG. This creativity is an asset to Trace as he continues through his time at Eleven Fifty and in looking forward to the future. He enjoys learning and talked with us about where he sees himself in five years.

Looking to the Future

“I see myself somewhere in Indianapolis as a business professional focused on user-experience or front-end development. I like thinking about the way people interact with things. Like thinking about physics in a video game. What does the world look like for those characters and how would people move around and interact with space or other elements.”

After Eleven Fifty, Trace is looking forward to pursuing a career in coding but says that’s not the end of his learning journey. He plans to continue to learn new skills to help him grow his career and stay on the forefront of technology.

Before we let Trace go, we had one more question for him.

If you could be anyone for the day, who would it be?

“I would love to be Bill Gates for a day, just to see inside the mind of someone so influential to the world and technology as a whole. I would also love to see inside the mind of Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario.”

As Trace continues his journey into a new career, we wish him all the best and can’t wait to see where his creativity and love for technology leads him!



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