Coding school is a great way to bridge the gap between higher education and the real world.

College and higher education institutions are a great place for young adults to gain life experiences and mature. However, employers are finding a serious skills gap from recent graduates. According to a 2016 PayScale survey, more than half of all companies feel new grads lack critical thinking skills and real world skills. To help bridge this skills gap, coding schools act as a sort of finishing school. When students enroll in and graduate from a coding school, they walk away with more than just the knowledge of a coding language. They walk away with soft skills employers are looking for, the knowledge to teach themselves, and experiences that help land the job.

Soft skill development at a coding school separates you from other job candidates.

One of the biggest advantages of attending a coding school is the soft skills you obtain. Because of the immersive nature of the courses, you’ll naturally gain skills like teamwork and communication. At Eleven Fifty, for example, students learn how to code on their own and as a team. You’ll give feedback to classmates and their projects and they’ll do the same for you. You’ll write your own section of code and then work with a team to combine each member’s code in order to develop an application. You’ll be exposed to the agile development methodology. We’ll even help you develop a portfolio, build on your interviewing skills, and create a resume. All of this may not seem like a huge deal right now, but when you go to interview for a job, you’ll have hard skills like coding and soft skills like communication to back you up.

An accelerated program will help you learn how to learn on your own and stay focused.

Coding schools aren’t just immersive. They’re fast-paced. To help you gain the coding skills you need in a short amount of time, programs and courses are accelerated. In a traditional college setting, what might take years only takes weeks at a coding school. For example, at Eleven Fifty, our SmartStart program is only 12 weeks long. This fast-paced environment prepares future employees for the real world by teaching you how to be resourceful. You’ll have to find solutions on your own with the guidance of an instructor. You’ll have to be determined to learn and you’ll have to be willing to continue to learn.

Internships and apprenticeships give you real, valuable experience.

The college experience is about growing up and learning in a safe, secure environment. Professors give you knowledge from lectures, readings, and guided study. It’s a great experience that helps many young adults mature. However, most colleges and universities are focused strictly on teaching out of a book. When it comes to the real world, you’ll need experiences to help guide you. At Eleven Fifty, our internship and apprenticeship programs are designed to give you experience doing the jobs you want to pursue as a career. You won’t find lectures or fluff in our classrooms. You’ll code from day one and the internships and apprenticeships are with real companies where you’ll be doing actual coding, design, and development work.

Coding school is a great place for you to not only learn a programming language, but it’s a great place to prepare for and enhance your career. From SmartSkill courses to immersive programs, Eleven Fifty helps students launch, change, and enhance their careers. Are you ready to get started? Check out our upcoming courses!



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