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People with coding skills are leading the technology evolution. How Coding Is Impacting the Future of Technology

Time moves quickly, but the evolution of technology moves at an even more rapid pace. 10 years ago, self-driving cars were merely a dream. Today: they’re being tested and created by the leading car manufacturers around the world. When crock pots first hit kitchen counters, they revolutionized the way families prepared dinner. Now, you can control the temperature of your crock pot from anywhere your smartphone has a connection. Monitoring the temperature in your home has seen drastic changes over the years as well. Manual thermostats gave way to programmable versions, but now homeowners can use their smartphones to set the temperature of their home and monitor their HVAC system from practically anywhere. All of these technology advances have one thing in common: they start as a single line of code.

Coding is impacting the future of technology and the future of our lives in ways we’re only beginning to understand. The emerging technologies of today (IoT, AI, VR, and automation) are literally changing our daily lives even though these technologies are very much still in their infancy. And, without the visionaries behind the code of these technologies, none of them would even remotely be possible.

Coding and the Cloud

The elusive and mysterious Cloud is getting bigger and that means dramatic shifts and growth potential for coding. Cloud computing, the act of storing, sharing, and accessing data and programs over the Internet, isn’t a new concept. However, like the computer chips of yesterday, the Cloud is evolving to be faster and bigger than ever. Coders and programmers are learning to make use of this evolution to provide faster response times, build better applications, and scale their ability to work.

The Cloud’s ability to store an enormous amount of data means that coding is becoming more accessible. Rather than writing every line of code a program or technology needs to proficiently operate, coders can call up databases that have the code they need. This allows coding to be done at a faster rate. However, a coder still needs the ability to debut a program, understand the databases being used, and comprehend the deployment process.

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Coding and the Internet of Things (IoT)

In the opening of this article, we talked about a crock pot and home thermostat you could connect to with you smartphone. Both of these devices fall into the category of IoT products. The Internet of Things is the idea of connecting technology and devices through networks which provides greater accessibility and remote access to technology. IoT means having the ability to control your technology products from wherever you are with the use of your smartphone or other connected device.

Behind the buttons and features of these connected devices is a series of codes. These codes allow the products to not only function, but maintain their connections and, as we’ve seen in the case of Artificial Intelligence, even learn how you prefer the technology to operate. The thermostat that you control from you smartphone is learning what temperatures you prefer at what time of day and even whether you’re home or not. Through the use of Cloud connected sensors, the product does the hard part of remembering for you.

Emerging Technologies Relying on Code

Coding isn’t just driving the rise of Cloud computing and connected devices, though. It’s driving the rise and evolution of brand new technologies. Virtual reality is becoming accessible, readily available, and changing the way gamers play, businesses connect with consumers, and so much more. This accessibility and growth comes from programmers’ ability to more easily write the code that powers the technology. Artificial intelligence isn’t just the machine working on the factory line. It’s the automated commands your computer has stored and performs without you having to do anything more than press a single button. Those automations all stem from coding. Car manufacturers are now racing to build the first street ready autonomous car. While there is a lot of engineering involved, programmers are the ones coding the car to respond to changing road conditions, to turn on it’s turn signal, all the way to understanding traffic patterns. These technologies are the tip of the iceberg because as coding continues to become such an in demand skill, new jobs will be created as well as new industries and technologies.

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