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Coding courses are bringing positive impact to struggling communities.

With the call for new and alternative resources and technologies, traditional resources like coal have seen a steady decline in production. In fact, it’s estimated that coal production is at a 35 year low. This decline is the result of several outside factors and while energy companies shift their focus to other means of production, it’s the coal mining communities that end up suffering through the economic shift. With coding skill courses, these communities are seeing positive changes, job growth, and economic stimulation.

Coal Mining Production: A Community Situation

The loss of coal mining does not just impact the miners, but the entire community. The decline of coal product has a ripple effect on communities and many are seeing the implications.

If you examine almost any small, rural community in Eastern Kentucky or anywhere in the Appalachian region, there’s a good chance you’ll see the impact that the decrease in coal mining production has resulted in. Take Paintersville, Kentucky, for example, a once thriving community based on local and regional coal mines that is now battling a 20% unemployment rate. Residents are struggling to retain jobs and big businesses are pulling out of the area while local businesses are forced to close down. However, all of that is changing.

Coding Courses Bring Immersive Learning To Mining Towns

Working with Interapt, a technology solutions company based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Eleven Fifty crafted curriculum to help the communities of Eastern Kentucky. Through the TEKY program, Interapt is helping members of these struggling communities learn a 21st century skill and plugging them into an internship opportunity.

Similar to Eleven Fifty Academy’s current course options, the TEKY program is fast-paced, immersive, and designed to set students up for a career in coding. However, the TEKY program not only provides these students with the opportunity to learn to code, but Interapt offers students who complete the coursework with an internship and then a full-time job at the company.

Results of the Program

Of the approximately 900 people that applied to the program 50 were accepted. The program took students 420 hours to complete. On January 4th, 32 of the 50 students graduated from the accelerated learning program. The results of the program were so positive that Interapt, Eleven Fifty, and other stakeholders have already begun planning the next coding courses outreach program with Interapt.

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