Nathan was destined for a coding career.

After working in the marketing and advertising field for 16 some years, Nathan Randall started looking for an alternative option. Working as a set designer and freelance art director, Nathan spent a lot of time making videos for television and occasionally the web. Eventually, he opened up a custom AV installation company where he worked on commercial installations and home theaters, but he wanted more. Not knowing what career to pursue, Nathan turned to a career coach.

Coding: The Career That Was Meant to Be

Having worked in several different career fields in various industries, Nathan wasn’t sure what he really wanted to do. Turning to a career coach was his way of figuring that out. After taking an extended DiSC profile test and a Strong Analysis test, one thing was clear: coding and computer programming was for him. 8 out of the top 10 results from the tests were computer programming related. His career coach told him about Eleven Fifty Academy and after a long conversation with the admissions team, Nathan was ready to code.

Since enrolling in the .Net SmartStart program, Nathan has really hit his stride, “I like the challenge at Eleven Fifty and the fact that it’s a never ending learning experience.” While for some having to continuously learn new things might not sound like fun, Nathan is already excited about learning the next thing. He’s excited about all of the possibilities that come with a career in coding. He could sit behind a desk and code all day or he could use his communication skills to talk and meet with clients.

What’s next for Nathan?

Nathan hasn’t completely decided where his career aspirations will lead him, but he’s really enjoying front end design and development right now. He wants to work for an organization that provides an inviting environment and encourages collaboration between employees. No matter where he ends up, he’s excited to bring his communication, fresh perspective, and client experience to the team.

Want to learn more about Nathan and his skills? Check out his GitHub page.

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