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Coding bootcamps stay on top of emerging technologies in order to prepare students for their careers.

Technologies are constantly changing and evolving. It can be difficult for programmers and coders to keep up with the latest trends and updates. Unlike higher education institutions that review their curriculum every few years, coding bootcamps have to examine their curriculum on a routine basis to keep up with evolving technologies. Here’s how they do it:

Employer advisory boards keep coding bootcamps on track.

At Eleven Fifty, our curriculum is guided by an employer advisory board. What that means is we work with local companies to determine what languages aspiring programmers need to be familiar with and how we can best prepare them for their careers. Because technology is evolving at incredible speed right now, coding bootcamps have to keep up with curriculum updates. By partnering with companies looking for tech talent trained in these evolving and emerging technologies, we can better keep up with those technologies and help students prepare for careers incorporating them.

Opportunities to explore coding and software interests.

One way coding bootcamps keep up with evolving technologies is by offering students plenty of opportunities to explore their interests. One student might be interested in backend development while another is interested in frontend development. Because coding bootcamps offer students the chance to gain real world experience, every student has the opportunity to pursue their interests in coding.

For example, if a project requires teams of students to build functional websites or even tracking applications, the students can put their own spin on the project. While one student focuses on the backend of the website another could be determining the layout of the homepage and what design elements need to be included. This style of hands-on project allows coding bootcamp students to learn multiple skills, explore career options, and absorb new technologies.

Instructors are dedicated to their coding and technology passions.

Coding bootcamp instructors all have one thing in common: passion. They’re passionate about helping aspiring programmers learn new skills, but they’re also passionate about coding and technology in general. Most coding bootcamp instructors have experience working as programmers. This experience helps them as they guide new students through the development and mastery of coding skills. This passion drives them to learn about language and software updates and then they share new knowledge with their students.

Teaching students to be lifelong learners.

Coders need to be committed lifelong learners. With a desire to always be learning, coders struggle to find success in their careers. Why? Technology is constantly changing. If you want to stay relevant in a programming related career, you have to keep up. Coding bootcamps, like Eleven Fifty, teach the importance of being committed lifelong learners. When it comes down to it, keeping up with evolving technologies is on the programmer. If you don’t have a desire to always be learning and keeping up with the latest trends and updates, then you’ll end up being left behind.
Eleven Fifty’s curriculum is guided by an employer advisory board, our instructors, and, to some degree, our students. We use all of our available resources to ensure curriculum keeps up with evolving technologies and helps students meet employer demands.

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