Coding bootcamps and higher ed should partner for optimal student outcomes.

Since the early days of coding bootcamps there has been a sort of unspoken and spoken rivalry between coding schools and higher education institutions. Coding bootcamps have positioned themselves as alternatives to traditional schools while traditional schools have touted their accreditations and degrees. These differences are real and both hold their own value; however, so much more could be accomplished by putting aside these differences and partnering to help students gain the full benefit of both.

Why More Coding Bootcamps and Higher Ed. Institutes Don’t Partner

If coding bootcamps and higher education institutes are both focused on the students’ end result of completion with purpose, shouldn’t these two institutions partner for the sake of the student? Here’s why you don’t actually see the partnerships more often:

Student Enrollment

For most colleges and universities, government funding is based not on the quality of the student they produce, but the amount of students they enroll and graduate. Because of this focus on quantity, not quality, most universities and colleges don’t partner with outside educational institutions like a coding bootcamp. The fear of losing a student to the other institution is far too high, in their minds.

Theory Vs. Skill

Higher education is focused on theory, not skill. Classrooms and lecture halls are filled with students who are expected to recite what professor’s lecture and memorize facts from textbooks. However, when they enter the workforce, they don’t have the practical knowledge or experience to keep up. Coding bootcamps on the other hand are focused on skill-based learning. There’s no extra fluff.

Accountable for ROI

Return on investment is a huge factor for higher education. They are held accountable by governing and government entities on the number of students who enroll, graduate, and pay tuition. Coding bootcamps, on the other hand, are focused on a different kind of ROI. They’re focused on making sure their students get the training they need to enter the workforce as an entry-level coder. They are held accountable by current and future students.

These Difference Can Lead to Impactful Partnerships to Benefit the Student

These differences, while they seem to separate the world of coding bootcamps and higher ed institutes, can actually bridge the gap between the two educational routes.

Student Enrollment

By partnering with a coding bootcamp, higher education institutions can actually increase their enrollment because of new course and degree offerings. While colleges and universities offer courses in computer science and engineering, they most likely don’t offer coding or coding language specific courses. This is where the coding bootcamp partnership comes in. Students can gain access to new skills, graduate from an accredited university, and have the practical skills employers are looking for.

Theory Vs. Skill

Instead of offering theory or skill, the partnership turns it into an and. Students can graduate with the theory and skill of coding. The education would be about learning the theory and then gaining the hands-on experiences to back up the theory knowledge. Offering both of these gives students an advantage as they enter the workplace as new and, in some cases, first-time employees.

Accountable for ROI

Colleges and universities focused on ROI can rest easy knowing that they have an ace up their sleeves. By partnering with a coding bootcamp, higher education institutions can offer new curriculum and degree choices designed for those who might have traditionally ignored those same institutions.

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we’re focused on providing students with crafted, relevant coding courses coding  to help them gain the skills and knowledge they need to be career-ready. We’re an alternative to traditional education opportunities, but we also see ourselves as a complement to traditional education opportunities. If you have the theory knowledge a college or university offers, why not back it up with the hands-on, real-world experiences that a coding bootcamp offers?

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