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Coding bootamp gives you the skills you need after graduation.

A coding bootcamp isn’t just about learning hard skills that a coder needs to know. It’s about developing the soft skills employers are looking for in a programmer. At Eleven Fifty, we work with our students to help them develop hard skills they need to code applications, and the soft skills that enhance life after their program has ended. By setting up students with the right soft skills, we help you develop into a more well rounded employee that fits the modern hiring needs of an employee.

Social and Teamwork Skills

Coding isn’t like it was years ago. The tech industry has completely shaken off this idea that coders sit in a dark backroom typing away at their computers 24/7. Not only do developers mingle with clients in meetings, but they collaborate on a daily basis. At Eleven Fifty, we take the time to help students polish up their social skills. A huge part of being successful after coding bootcamp is understanding how to present yourself at networking and meetup events. We help students build confidence in their skills and in themselves so that these situations become less awkward and more meaningful. Students are also placed on teams and given the challenge of designing, building, and deploying applications. You’ll work together, just like in a real-world scenario, to pull all of the parts together and make the application work.

Presenting Your Work

In the real world, programmers and developers are constantly presenting their work and ideas to their teams. It can be intimidating to get up in front of a group, even if you do know everyone, and explain your designs and code. Because our SmartStart program is broken down into sections, students get the opportunity to present multiple times. By the time you present your capstone project, you’ll feel more comfortable in front of the group and in your explanation of what you did and why you did it.

Problem Solving

One of the biggest advantages of attending a coding bootcamp is that you develop a deep understanding of problem solving. A huge part of coding is actually having the ability to recognize a problem and finding a solution. Whether you’re creating an application from scratch or improving on an existing application, you’ll run into issues where your code isn’t doing exactly what you want it to do or what you think it should do. A great coder and skilled developer will understand how to solve the problem or at least recognize the need to find a solution to the problem they’re running into.

Continuous Learning

Another big advantage of knowing how to code is the idea that you become a continuous learner. In order to grow you career and develop as an employee, in any industry, you need to have a thirst for knowledge and the ability to continuously learn. Because technology is constantly changing, coding bootcamps have to instill the value of continuous learning in their students. When you graduate from a SmartStart program at Eleven Fifty, you’ll have the skills you need to continue developing as a programmer.

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