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Whether you are aware of it or not, there’s a growing technology skills gap. While it may seem like a new tech startup opens shop every other day, there is an enormous lack of computer and technology focused career starters. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020 there will be over 1 million computer jobs. It’s great for the economy, except there won’t be enough tech talent to fill those open roles. With over a million estimated computer jobs, there will only be 400,000 computer science students. The truth of the matter? Traditional education simply isn’t fulfilling the needs of our growing technology skills gap.

Traditional education and the concerns potential computer science students face.

In the past, students graduating high school have been told in order to be successful, they must attend a four-year university. If they can’t attend that university right after graduation, they must attend a 2-year program until they can attend that four-year institution. But, when we take a step back and analyze the concerns these student face after graduating from a higher education institution, we see a different picture unfold:

A college degree is a huge time commitment.

For those entering a college or university full time, there’s a good chance they’ll graduate in 4 years. However, for those entering part-time because of life and work obligations, it’s a different story. For those students who don’t attend full time, they can expect a six-year time commitment. If you’re ready to launch or start a new career, that’s a long time to wait.

The curriculum in many computer science programs utilize is outdated.

At some higher education institutions, curriculum is reviewed every two years while at others only every 11 years, which keeps some department’s curriculum relevant. However, when it comes to computer science curriculum, even the 2-year review will not give students the most relevant information. When tech giants like Apple push out an update once every quarter, how are these students expected to graduate with the right knowledge and skills?

Attending a university or college is expensive.

Right now, there is $1 trillion education debt. The average Hoosier has $27,000 worth of debt. If a student does take more than 4 years to complete a degree, the price they pay continues to increase. This debt has resulted in 30-year decline in entrepreneurship across the nation. Graduates are too bogged down with their lines of debt to even begin to explore the possibility of starting and owning their own business.

Eleven Fifty is offering an alternative to close the growing technology skills gap.

We’re on a mission at Eleven Fifty Academy. We were founded with an aim on closing the gap in our nation’s technology skills. When a student enters one of our classrooms or starts one of our accelerated learning programs, they’re immediately immersed in an ecosystem of technology talent. We feel by helping these beginner coders develop their skills, they will reap the benefits along with their future employers and communities. Through our programs, Eleven Fifty Academy actualizes students within the market, enables them through efficient and relevant paths that produce results with little or no debt.

We inspire polished professionals through intentional programs.

Whether a student already discovered their passion for technology or is just starting out, we help them actualize it. By walking students through the world of coding and getting them the hands-on experience they need, they’re able to build portfolios and resumes to showcase their successes.

We provide a quicker path to future purpose.

Our accelerated learning programs are completed in weeks. Plus, when a student has successfully graduated from one of our accelerated programs, we provide plenty of opportunities for them to enhance their skills and become a more versatile coder.

The curriculum at Eleven Fifty is designed around market and employer needs.

With the help of employers, we craft our curriculum and integrate intentional competencies into everything we do. It isn’t just about coding skills. We help students develop the soft skills employers are looking for in employees.

We’re all about people, not profit.

We’re a non-profit, which means we care more about the people we serve than the money we make. Because we have this philosophy, the courses at Eleven Fifty Academy range from $400 to $13,500. When you compare that to traditional education programs, which can cost 2x-8x more, we’re creating a more affordable path for students.

With the help of community and corporate supports, we can continue to close the technology skills gap. We can continue to provide students with an alternative that helps them prepare for a career in coding much quicker than traditional paths.

Are you ready to support Eleven Fifty’s mission and close the growing technology skills gap? Contact us today to see how you can get involved.



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