Brie was searching for a career opportunity. What she found was a program designed to get her career ready.

Brieanna Murphy is on a mission to be career-ready. She’s got the drive and dedication to be a full-time coder. Her time at Eleven Fifty Academy proves both of those things. Coming into the program, Brie had some basic knowledge of web design, but now, she has extensive knowledge in the JavaScript language and the experience to back it up.

From career searching to being career-ready

Brie was searching for a career that fit her skills and her interests, then one of her coworkers told her about Eleven Fifty Academy. Intrigued by the idea behind a coding academy, Brie decided to check out the programs and how they could help her search for her career. After meeting with the admissions team, she was intrigued by the concept. She already knew she didn’t want to attend a traditional school because of the time commitment and financial constraints of that option. Brie decided to enroll in the JavaScript accelerated learning program.

Since enrolling in the JavaScript program, Brie has really enjoyed the experience. She enjoys the fast-paced nature of the program. For Brie, the biggest benefit is “you aren’t spending four years learning only to get out and find it [what you learned] obsolete. Now that she has graduated, Brie is looking to her future career.

What’s next for Brie?

Brie’s dream job is to develop full-scale video games. Combining her new skills as a JavaScript developer and her interest in design and creative writing, Brie wants to develop fantasy or horror video games. Until she breaks into the game development world, Brie wants to work for a company where she feels trusted and doesn’t have someone looking over her shoulder. She’s committed to the work, no matter what task she has.

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