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Booeys: A Ghost’s Code is a mobile app game teaching kids about coding.

By 2020, there will be over 1 million computing jobs open with only 400,000 computer science students. That technology skills gap is already leading to serious issues for innovation, technology, and industry growth. One of the ways to help fill that gap is by getting kids interested in code and technology focused career paths early on in their educational journeys.

A big challenge in getting kids, both younger and older, interested in technology related careers is simply building excitement. We’re still fighting stigmas that technology is boring, coders sit in the backroom staring at computer screens all day, and technology is only for “geeks.” A mobile app game, “Booeys: A Ghost’s Code”, is getting kids excited about coding and technology without them even realizing it!

What exactly is “Booeys: A Ghost’s Code”?

“Booeys: A Ghost’s Code” is a mobile puzzle game. Users control a Booey (a ghost) to help the Lost reach their portal. Mobile app games are a great way to learn coding skills.Every level focuses on specific aptitudes and as users advance to the next level, the puzzles become more challenging. Throughout the game play users must engage these five aptitudes, which are crucial skills for anyone in the technology field to have:

  • Problem Solving
  • Logic
  • Attention to Detail
  • Understanding Algorithms
  • Building Solutions

Creating a Link Between Gaming and Coding

Learning to code with Booeys allows kids to grow their skills and learn about tech careers.

As users move through the increasingly difficult puzzles, they are exposed to careers that use the exact same skills they are using to complete the levels of play. This exposure helps kids make a positive link between technology related careers, like coding, and the skills they already have. Not only are users exposed to specific careers, but they actually receive in-app tips on how to use the five aptitudes in their daily lives. Because the levels become harder as users advance, kids are strengthening their skills and mastering new tools the more they play.

The Five Aptitudes and Coding Skills

When it comes to coding skills, it isn’t all 1s and 0s. Yes, you have to understand the languages or frameworks you’re coding in, like Microsoft .NET, but you also have to have soft skills. Coders often face challenges in which they must find a solution for, which means problem solving is part of their daily job as they search for bugs and write new lines of code. Logic is used to find the best possible solutions to those challenges they face. When it comes to building out an application or a line of code, logic and attention to detail will help a coder write efficiently and effectively. Understanding algorithms allows a coder to write and review larger pieces of code and keep that code clean and organized. Finally, building solutions is a major part of what coders and programmers do on a daily basis. Coding is about seeing a problem and building a solution for that problem.

Want to start playing “Booeys: A Ghost’s Code”? Check it on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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