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Wordpress development

If you’ve spent any time trying your hand at building a website, chances are you’ve used WordPress. Nearly 30% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, which is incredible when you consider all of the other options out there. While a lot of people think WordPress is just for building a simple blog or setting up a straightforward portfolio site, it also powers some of the most popular sites on the web.

Think about the websites you frequent. Maybe it’s to take a quiz on BuzzFeed to find out which Stranger Things character you are, or maybe it’s your go-to spot for news and tips about the latest technology. Have you ever stopped to consider how these websites are made and what keeps them working flawlessly with the huge amount of traffic they attract? You might think there’s a team of super tech-savvy coders building out these websites from the ground up. Well, it might surprise you to know that some of the most popular, dynamic websites are built with WordPress. The amount of customization and the flexibility of WordPress makes it ideal for developers to build sophisticated sites from a strong foundation.


Arguably one of the top resources for the latest in the technology industry, TechCrunch has a massive viewership. The leaders at Techcrunch decided WordPress was the best content management system (CMS) for their needs, and commented on their decision saying:

“There’s a reason it’s (WordPress) the CMS powering around a quarter of the internet, and let’s be real — our small team isn’t going to reinvent that wheel and do it better than WordPress’s massive community already has.”

With so much support, WordPress has tons of resources for building incredible things and TechCrunch knew it was the best option for their site. Plugins, community support, customizations, all of these things make each WordPress site look different from one another with distinctive features. If you’re interested in reading all the details on why TechCrunch chose WordPress, you can read about their site redesign here.


NASA uses WordPress to power their site about all things space and technology. The massive site hosts a gallery of images from space, mission details, and podcasts with astronauts and top scientists. The NASA site hosts other sites within the main site and they found using WordPress was the best option for maintaining the look and feel of the site while giving editors the freedom and ease of updating the content. You can find an entire page on their website detailing the benefits of WordPress, one main reason being:


“If you have a knowledge of how to use Microsoft Word, then you can add, update and manage your site’s web pages, as well as add photos and other media. And if you do have an advanced knowledge of HTML, you’ll appreciate how our implementation of WordPress greatly simplifies your regular site update and maintenance tasks.”

Star Wars

With May 4th, Star Wars Day, quickly approaching it’s a great time to talk Star Wars (but honestly, it’s always a good time to talk Star Wars). The visually-driven website made with WordPress is the official site where readers can find everything about the galaxy far, far away. It has interactive elements that make it feel like much more than a blog. Online games, video and soundboards, are all thanks to the support and flexibility of WordPress.


You would think the minds behind Microsoft would build their very own blog website. But, no. They also use WordPress! With a large image grid layout, the Microsoft news site is easy to navigate and it organizes stories in a way that makes it simple to scroll through content. A lot of people speculate that WordPress might not be secure enough for Microsoft and other giants, but thetruth is any CMS comes with risks and companies like Microsoft, Viacom, and Disney all choose WordPress. During an interview with Brad Williams, co-founder of WebDevStudios, Brad outlined a few myths and facts about cybersecurity, specifically large companies using WordPress and how they protect themselves.

“You need to be concerned about security no matter what platform you use. You should  implement security audits and stay focused on protecting yourself.”

If you’re interested, you can listen to the podcast here to hear more about cybersecurity and how WordPress protects websites big and small.

The Walking Dead

While some of these examples are blog and news websites, WordPress is also great for more robust online experiences. Take the Walking Dead website for example. With articles, video, photos, and an abundance of bonus features, this site is pretty big. With so much content, and coming from AMC, you might be surprised to learn they use WordPress, but it’s a great option because of the adaptability and range of capabilities.

The sky is the limit with WordPress. With development knowledge, you can go a long way in a career. With so many companies using it as their CMS, there is a big need for skilled professionals to take a site from a simple blog, to something tailored, highly-functional, secure, and reliable with WordPress. If you’re interested in learning more about WordPress, we would be happy to chat! You can schedule a time to talk to one of our team members or learn more here.



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