Behind-the-Scenes with Teddy Guzek, Cybersecurity Instructor | Eleven Fifty Academy Cybersecurity | Indianapolis Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Teddy Guzek never saw himself working in cyber security.

The Indiana University-Bloomington alumnus left college with a degree in Informatics and a plan for a more traditional business route. “I always saw myself in more of a sales role,” he said. “That fit my personality more at the time.”

But his career had other plans.

After graduation, a Chicago-based consulting firm saw potential in him, sending Teddy through industry certifications for a cyber security position. He started his new job as a penetration tester, an ethical hacker who tests for security vulnerabilities within a network.

“The company kind of took a chance on me,” he said—one that paid off. After four years he was running the day-to-day operations of the lab.

“It was certainly one of those things I never thought I’d understand or work in,” Guzek said.

But that element of surprise and the ability to go from novice to professional in a short time played a role in Guzek’s new career move—giving back to future cyber security professionals as an advisor for Eleven Fifty Academy’s new Cyber Security Bootcamp.

Why Cyber Security?

“Cyber security brought me to a point in my career I never thought possible,” Guzek said, and he’s eager to share that possibility with others.

Not only is cyber security in a high-growth sector with high earning potential, it’s also one with creative opportunity.

“It’s very green right now,” Guzek said. “There’s a lot of room for entrepreneurship, a lot of room to shape your career.”

You also get the perk of understanding how to protect yourself in your day-to-day life, an important skill as tech continues to touch almost everything we do.

The Eleven Fifty Cyber Security Bootcamp Difference

During the first four weeks of bootcamp, Guzek leads students through a series of industry certifications. “These are certifications that are respected in the industry,” he explained, which will help students get noticed and get their foot in the door for interviews.

After that, students take part in a hands-on experience to protect their own fictitious companies from cyberattacks. “We make it a game,” Guzek said. By the end, students leave with more hands-on experience than the average entry-level professional.

Is Cyber Security for Everyone?

Guzek’s personal experience entering the field with no special training makes him confident that cyber security can be for anyone with a passion to pursue it. With a predicted global shortage of cyber security professionals by 2021, now is the time to take the plunge!

“Anyone can find a career in it if they’re driven and work hard,” Guzek said. “It definitely pays off.”

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