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Over 1 billion Android devices are used globally. With so many Android devices in use, it’s hard to not think about the possibilities for an Android developer. Global corporations hire Android developers to work on their enterprise apps that keep team members, coworkers, and clients all engaged. Small businesses hire Android developers to create and build applications for their clients. And, app developers are teaming up to create companies that only develop Android applications. If you have an idea for an app, don’t just tell someone about it. With so much opportunity, you can create and build that app all on your own, launch it, and reap the benefits that come along with that.

With help from our Android Mobile Pro course, you can become an Android developer in three-weeks. Looking for more reasons to enroll? Check out these great reasons to become an Android Developer with the help of Eleven Fifty Academy:

1. Hands On Experience Makes The Course Engaging

You don’t just want to learn the theory of building and creating Android apps. You want to get your hands on the code and actually do it. With Eleven Fifty’s Android Mobile Pro course, you’ll not only have the opportunity to develop a few different Android apps, we’ll even help you deploy one of them to the Google Play store. When you graduate the three-week course, you’ll understand all of the steps involved in launching your own app ideas.

Become an Android developer.2. Accelerated Learning Means A Quick Turn Around

You have an idea and you want to get the ball rolling. You could go the traditional route, apply to a four-year school, learn computer science, and eventually, on your own time, launch your app idea. Or, you could try to use online courses and tutorials to become an Android developer, but it’s easy to get distracted and sidetracked. Eleven Fifty’s Mobile Pro course is only three-weeks long. You’ll learn the basics of Java, which is used in Android coding, you’ll cover advanced Android techniques, and wrap up with advanced application building and deployment.

3. Android Development and Use Is Booming

While it may seem Apple’s IOS is the most popular phone operating system, on a global scale, it’s not. Android now accounts for 81% of the market share. With so much of the world relying on Android devices to work and for their entertainment, there won’t be a shortage of opportunities in the future. A quick search for Android Developer on a site like Indeed and you’ll easily see just how much of an opportunity there is. With Eleven Fifty’s Android Mobile Pro course, you’ll not only have the skills for those job opportunities, but you’ll have real experience coding Android apps and deploying them to the store.

Becoming an Android developer means building mobile applications and changing the world. Whether you’re building an app for a large corporation or designing the next hot mobile game, having the right skills and experience will set you on the right track. At Eleven Fifty, we’ll help you get there.

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