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Our August 2017 JavaScript Cohort graduation.

JavaScript Class Speaker

In preparation for our JavaScript graduation, the class nominated a class speaker that serves as a representative of that class at graduation. This person embodies all of our core values and more. This student helps create the “Eleven Fifty” experience of their classmates.

The August 2017 JavaScript class speaker is Mady Ward.

Our JavaScript cohort class speaker.Here are that Mady’s classmates said about her:

“Mady’s enthusiasm and determination is infectious. She’s determined to solve a problem in one moment and falling over laughing at something in another moment. Her attitude influences the mood of the classroom in very positive ways. Mady’s work is always done in excellence; she drives to be the best and inspires others to do the same. Mady is unafraid of challenges and is the kind person that any team would be lucky to work with. The way she has embraced coding in all of its victories and frustrations is impressive. I believe the class would be best represented in her words.”

Core Value Award Winners

At Eleven Fifty Academy we have seven core values: Diversity, Ethics, Learning, Influence, Quality, Teamwork, and Fun. The core values are the essence of everything we do. This is how we make every decision and is at the heart of every interaction we have. As part of being a student here at Eleven Fifty Academy, we ask that the students adopt these values as part of the program.

While all students exhibit these values throughout the program, we like to recognize a few students who exhibited these values in meaningful and impactful ways that are noticed, recognized, and appreciated by fellow students and the Eleven Fifty instructors and staff.


Diversity is to foster a culture where the uniqueness of beliefs, backgrounds, talents, capabilities, and ways of living are leveraged.


Our JavaScript cohort diversity core value award winner.Here is what his classmates said about him:

“Simon has an open mind and values diversity. He’s introduced me to things I’d never seen before, and food I never knew I wanted. He is talented and a solid coder. He is a good friend and gets along with everyone – plus he had a book on React! He fosters conversations that allow people of different views to chime in and not feel attacked.”

Thank you, Simon, for sharing your world view with us. We appreciate your openness to each of us.


Being Ethical is to be genuine, transparent, and authentic in every encounter we have.


Our JavaScript Cohort ethical core value winner.

Here is what Madys classmates said about her:

“Mady showed honesty and an authentic respect for everyone. She is always positive and instills that in others through her boundless energy. She never hides anything. Even when delivering bad news, she knows not to sugar-coat things, just to be honest with that person. She tries her best to be nice to everyone; has a genuine concern for others; she accepts all persons of different skill levels equally.”

Thank you, Mady, for your enthusiasm and your dedication to be true and authentic in your interactions with us.


Influence is to instill disciplines that positively impact perceptions, behaviors, decisions, and attitudes.


Our JavaScript cohort influence core value award winner.Here is what A. J’s classmates said about him:

“A.J. is the best influence and just a cool guy. He represents authenticity. He always has a good, you-can-push-on attitude. He focuses on always doing what is right and produces the high-quality work. He is very good at delegating work and helping his teammates.”

Thank you, A.J., for your positive attitude and positive impact you have had on us.


Learning is to acquire and refine knowledge and skills through relevant instruction, shared experiences, self-direction, and practice.


Our JavaScript cohort learning core value award winner.Here is what Vern’s classmates said about him:

“Vern is very outgoing, charismatic and can speak with anyone. He was able to make friends with everyone in class. With an openness towards and interest in everyone, no matter their age, cultural background, or personal interests, Vernon is inspiring. He’s very giving to and accepting of everyone, the way they are. He is always willing to help others in any way that he can.”

Thank you, Vern, for being a positive force of learning in the classroom. We appreciate your help and for sharing your insights with us.


Quality is to drive excellence in our efforts, experiences, and interactions.


Our JavaScript cohort quality core value award winner.Here is what Tom’s classmates said about him:
“He embodies all the core values. He was always in a good mood and it is contagious. He does excellent work and is willing to help and contribute to other’s success. He seems to seek compromise and keep everyone on task while still fostering a conversational environment. He is also willing to share techniques and insights that have helped him. Whether building his own project or asking someone else about theirs, he wants a successful, quality product. Simultaneously showing support and encouraging improvement.”

Thank you, Tom, for focusing on quality by helping us leverage our strengths.


Team is to work as a group and utilize our combined strengths to achieve a shared vision.


Our JavaScript cohort team core value award winner.Here is what Kaylea’s classmates said about her:

“Kaylea is very insightful with her advice and we appreciated how she organized a lot of activities to help the class. She’s honest and unwaveringly herself when it counts the most. I’ve witnessed Kaylea stand up for people when it would’ve been easier to stay quiet, in defense of maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. She has tried to make everybody feel welcome and has tried to get everyone to focus on their own learning and not compare themselves to others. She is very determined to learn, self-educate and share her knowledge with the entire class. Kaylea is quick to support fellow students, in person and online. And she generously offered a personal contact as a learning resource for the entire class.”

Thank you, Kaylea, for being the glue that kept the class organized and focused on learning.


Fun is to laugh and smile along the journey.

This award goes to entire JavaScript cohort. We hope you had as much fun learning how to code as we had in teaching and guiding you throughout the program!



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