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Coding bootcamp can and should compliment a college education.

For aspiring technology professionals, the question shouldn’t be about whether coding bootcamp is right for them or not, but, rather, it should be about when to attend a coding bootcamp. There is a common belief in the coding world that you either attend a four year program and graduate with a degree in computer science or you go the bootcamp route and gain the skills needed to become a developer. The truth is both of these educational paths provide real value to the students and can act together as auxiliary learning tools to increase career opportunities.

According to a 2017 study from Course Report, 75% of bootcamp graduates also have a college degree of some sort. The reason? There’s real value in attending both a four year program and a coding bootcamp. While college is a time for personal development and theoretical learning, the one critical area missing is skill development. Coding bootcamps are the perfect opportunity for aspiring technology professionals to turn their passions and foundational understandings into skills that pay bills.

Coding bootcamps offer a more narrowed focus in career specific skill building.

Colleges and universities around the country are known for offering diverse areas of study. Students can major in something specific like computer science while also taking courses in English, art, music, and chemistry. It’s the perfect time to expand your knowledge and explore the world at the same time. But, when it comes time to start applying for jobs, employers will look for specific course work that proves your skills and ability in a more defined manner. That’s where your time at a coding bootcamp comes in. Coding bootcamps are intensely focused on delivering maximum impact in a shorter time span. You can expect to learn web development, HTML, CSS, logic, and a specific programming language.

Students develop a richer portfolio based on hands-on experiences.

When applying for career opportunities in the software or application development world, employers are going to ask to see your work. They want to know you have the hands-on experience to develop, maintain, and innovate their programs. A coding bootcamp will help you develop a rich portfolio based on hands-on experiences, not theoretical work. During your time at a coding bootcamp, you’ll apply the theories you learned in college and develop actual, working programs and applications. With this rich portfolio, you can walk into a job interview confident you have the skills and the experiences to back those skills up.

Coding bootcamps offer career readiness support and soft skill development.

Some colleges and universities like to tout their graduates’ employment rate, but when you go to find help during your career application process, you might find it difficult to find anyone. Coding bootcamps keep class sizes small for multiple reasons, but one of the most impactful reasons is to help students on an individual basis. Career readiness isn’t just about knowing how to code. It’s about knowing your goals for the future and how you’re going to achieve them. It’s about understanding the importance of working in a team environment and effective communication. At Eleven Fifty Academy, you’ll have access to our supportive staff that’s just as passionate about your future as you are. And, as you work towards that future, we’ll help you build a resume, create a portfolio, understand your goals, and even encourage you when you feel like you can’t keep going.

With the specialized training a coding bootcamp offers, you open up more career opportunities.

With both a degree and experience in hand, you’ll unlock career opportunities you never thought possible. Not to mention, you’ll continue to open new doors throughout your career because employers value the experiences and skills a coder brings to their team. During your time at coding bootcamp, you’ll learn to think logically and creatively. You’ll know how to take a large, complex problem and break it down into much smaller, more manageable challenges. With this way of thinking, you’ll advance your career and gain the forward momentum you’ve always wanted.

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