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“I would certainly encourage others to consider the Apprenticeship program. It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me.”

Trevor Steele, 21, is an Apprentice who took the Intro to Coding, iOS, and .NET courses through the Academy. His Apprenticeship started in August of 2015. “I chose to take course at EFA because they were the only coding bootcamp in close proximity to where I live. After my first class, I continued to take classes at the Academy because I was interested in joining the Apprenticeship Program.”

He had no prior coding experience before coming to the Academy. Before joining the coding ecosystem, Trevor worked as a leasing specialist at an apartment community in Indianapolis.

Trevor spent the majority of his time coding in Swift and C# with Brett Keck as his mentor. “My experience at Eleven Fifty Academy and Eleven Fifty Consulting has been phenomenal. From my first class in December in 2014 to present day, I’ve been privileged to work alongside and learn from some truly fantastic mentors. Although I’m no longer working on-site at Eleven Fifty Academy, I’m always able to reach out to Brett and Tiffany with anything from coding questions to career advice.”

So what’s the Apprenticeship Program like?

“In the first month of my Apprenticeship, I spent a lot of time working on personal projects that interested me. I published two apps to the App Store, a checklist management app, along with a simple bullseye game.” Trevor then began helping the .NET team with the What Friends Do website. He was assigned the task of creating the blogging service for teams within the site.

“Over the five months of my Apprenticeship, learning how to get myself unstuck and approaching problems from different angles were some of the skills I acquired and used frequently.” Trevor has been a valuable asset to the Eleven Fifty Consulting projects because he knows both Swift and the .NET framework.

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