“Everyone is capable of taking this course and succeeding. It’s not a matter of experience or your background – it’s a matter of if you’re willing to work hard or not.”

Meet 18-year-old Summer Pratt, one of our graduates from our Java cohort back in November who is now an Apprentice.

Hobby: Photography

Favorite part about coding: Seeing each feature work the way you imagined it in your head; it gives you the motivation to power through the low moments

Least favorite part about coding: Getting an error where you have no idea why it could be occurring.

“I never loved the standardized tests and the daily routine, which is what got me looking for an alternative to college. The tech field is one that is lacking women, and as a young woman, I felt like I had the perfect opportunity sitting in front of me.”

Summer had no coding experience prior to taking the Java Accelerated Learning Program. She has learned Java, HTML, CSS, GitHub, Eclipse, SQL, Sublime, Gradle, Maven, and so much more.

As an Apprentice, Summer worked on her first group application. During the Accelerated Learning Program, they would work on projects individually. Now, they are implementing concepts they learned during the program and using them on team projects.

We strive to prepare our students for the journey ahead of them. We prepare them through projects, hands-on activities, interviews, presentations and much more. “Eleven Fifty has made me aware of who I am as well as what I should improve on and what I’m already good at. Beyond my soft skills, the Academy has taught me so much about coding in such a short time.”

Summer is continuing to gain coding experience throughout her time her as an Apprentice. “Considering I had no background in development prior to taking the program, any time I get with the help of a teacher or classmate is time where I am growing and practicing my skills.” She is ultimately striving to be a full-stack developer, but is now currently learning as much as she can about back-end development.

“Taking this class was taking a chance for me, but it’s one I’m glad I took. I’ve enjoyed every day in this program.”



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