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Philip DesJean is an Eleven Fifty Academy Alumni as well as an APPrentice for our sister company, Eleven Fifty Consulting. We’re always proud to showcase our Alumni and APPrentices and explain their journey with us. Philip heard about Eleven Fifty Academy through his mother’s old boss who knew Terrence Kunstek, President and co-founder of Eleven Fifty Consulting. Before coming to the Academy and Consulting companies, he was a manager at Subway. He took some programming courses in high school along with some courses during the year he spent in college.
Why did he choose to take courses with us? “I wanted something new in life. I got tired of working at Subway and I wanted to do something else.” He took several courses with us including JavaScript, iOS, Python, and Ruby on Rails. During his time with Eleven Fifty Consulting, he has been working on projects with the iOS team and is being mentored by Brett Keck, Senior Mobile Architect. He has worked on apps with various issues – from bug fixes to feature implementation.

Eleven Fifty Academy and Eleven Fifty Consulting strive to prepare students and APPrentices for professional jobs. He believes that he has learned so many skills during his time here such as professionalism, communication skills, and working professionally with clients and finding their specific needs to develop the app to its fullest potential. “I feel well prepared for my future career; I have a good understanding of the code and the fundamental reasons why things are made the way they are.”

Philip’s mother, Julie, is proud of Philip and his accomplishments. “Our son was always interested in technology. He tried the traditional college route but knew within a year that it just wasn’t for him. Philip and I signed up for a tour and he was instantly hooked. The experience, knowledge, and friendships have been invaluable for Philip.  My husband and I could not be happier for our son. I would recommend Eleven Fifty for anyone who is looking for a non-traditional path to a career in coding.”

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