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Sean Livingston, one of our coders who has gone through the APPrenticeship Program through Eleven Fifty Consulting, was able to find employment at Emarsys as a developer after his APPrenticeship, which lasted about 7 months. Eleven Fifty Academy wanted to highlight Sean. We are happy for you and your future success at Emarsys as you build a mobile SDK!

Having already coded previously, Sean took the 7-day Junior iOS course in Swift after hearing about the Academy at the Indy Developer Conference in the Fall of 2014. Before taking our iOS course, he was a developer at a local company. He learned how to write code, how to translate someone else’s description of their app idea into the necessary code lingo to architect it properly and how an IDE functions. “These skills are necessary for every language and every environment.”

Why did Sean choose us? After his first job, he was still struggling with writing code. He was looking for something that could help him further enhance his skills. “The environment they create for their students is phenomenal for fostering learning and the new relationships built while you are there.”

Sean worked on and completed two iOS projects alone during his APPrenticeship where he learned the necessary programming skills that were transferrable to any developer environment.

Don’t worry, Sean wasn’t alone during his journey as an APPrentice. Terrence Kunstek, co-founder and President of Eleven Fifty Consulting, was his mentor for a majority of the program. “Even in the midst of his busy schedule, he found the time and energy to provide me with the help I needed. A few times, I was in his home until 3am getting programming guidance. His devotion was unquestionable.”

Did you know that the Eleven Fifty companies assist in helping you find a job afterwards? Well, we do! “Eleven Fifty Academy was tremendous in helping me find job opportunities. I was able to land roughly 4-5 interview just through their job placement efforts. I have already been recommending the APPrenticeship Program to any and everyone who has mentioned their interest in coding.”

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