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Eleven Fifty Academy is always thrilled to see students come back to take more courses with us. Lindsay Mergy, a homeschooled 18-year old student from Fort Wayne, has taken two courses with us so far and hopes to take more in the near future once she graduates. She took the Intro to Coding course back in October and Programming Fundamentals in December.

Lindsay and her dad found out about us while researching coding boot camps online. Living only a few hours from Carmel, they thought coming to the Academy was the most convenient. Lindsay loved taking courses here because “the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff is laid-back and supportive.”

Her first experience with coding was with Codeacademy, but she believes that the courses offered at Eleven Fifty Academy were more advanced and forced her to work hard to find the answers quickly. Both of her parents have background in computer science and encouraged her to try it out. “The instant feedback of running code gives me immediate results and a chance to try again if it didn’t return what I wanted. I love coding as a creative medium and it’s very interesting to see how much code went into the technology that everyone uses everyday.”

“As I get older, I want to always continue to learn more and share what I’ve learned with the people around me.” She believes it’s crucial for the younger generation to be aware of coding and to know how much thought, design, and hard work goes into the technology that is so prevalent in our society. Beyond just having an appreciation for the field, it’s an essential skill to know how to code as well. “Just like learning to read a book or learning to read music, learning to code opens up a lot of opportunities in many different disciplines.”

With her knowledge gained from Eleven Fifty Academy, Lindsay is looking forward to creating websites and apps and having flexibility with her career. She hopes to take more courses in the future through Eleven Fifty Academy including UX, iOS, .NET, Big Data, Security, and Ruby on Rails.




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