7 Signs You Should Pursue a Career in UI/UX


Ever downloaded a new app and thought “this isn’t user-friendly at all!” The app probably would have benefited from an awesome UI/UX team. 

UI, which stands for User Interface, and UX, which stands for User Experience, are two growing careers that provide exciting creative opportunities for those interested in tech but aren’t necessarily interested in being a developer. UX Designers work toward understanding how a user interacts with a product (like an app). UI Designers are focused on the look and feel of the product. Both are focused on creating the best possible experience that helps a user achieve their goal when using the product.

Many UX/UI Designers have backgrounds in web development, graphic design, and sometimes backend development. But you don’t have to come from one of these fields to thrive.

So, how do you know if you’d succeed in this career? Here are seven signs you’re likely to find your place in a UX/UI Designer role.

You’re a people person.

Empathy is at the heart of a career in UI and UX design. You’ll be asked to dive into users’ needs, wants, and goals and use what you discover to create a user-friendly product. UX designers also spend time interacting with people from all walks to learn more about what makes them tick and gather valuable information that influences the product design. UI designers run with that information and put themselves in the users’ shoes to make key decisions about the product interface. Both also need to be able to communicate effectively to present their findings and their process. Overall, a natural desire to engage with others and serve their needs will set you up for success in this field.

You’re passionate about technology

UX/UI roles connect the human side to the tech side of things. While they don’t require significant coding knowhow (though it’s always a bonus!), you still play a role in building something new and exciting. You have to love technology and the idea of working in a fast-paced sector.

You’re a detail-oriented yet big picture thinker

Can you get down into the nitty-gritty details while still keeping the big picture in mind? UX/UI requires both. You need to consider the whole project and its goals while making decisions. You also need an eye for detail, whether it’s developing interview questions that get you the right information or deciding how a button functions when you press it. Aesthetic and functional details matter to get a project launched.


You have a collaborative nature

UI/UX are far from solo professions. You’ll be tackling big, complex problems that require teamwork to accomplish. You’ll need to be able to collaborate, whether it’s brainstorming or troubleshooting, and know how to both take and give feedback. 

You’re curious by nature


Do you love learning new things? Asking questions? UX pros live for research and learning new insights about people and the product. UI/UX are also relatively new fields that are sure to rapidly change through time. This means continued education is required to stay on top of new best practices and tools to get the job done.

You can analyze and synthesize data to make decisions

UX designers work to collect both qualitative and quantitative data that drives the project forward. They need to be able to make something of the data, identifying trends and drawing definitive conclusions. UI designers work alongside them to make decisions and decide the aesthetic and functionality that drive achieving the end goal forward.

You’re a creative critical thinker

Building something new, exciting, and innovative requires creativity. It also requires plenty of critical thinking. You need your creative and critical approaches to work side-by-side, whether it’s developing interview questions or making aesthetic decisions. The critical side steers you toward what you need, while the creative side helps you answer how to achieve it.

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