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There’s no quicker or more efficient way to build the skills needed for a tech job than with an immersive coding bootcamp. But with so many options for students to choose from, and plenty of coding bootcamp reviews to read through, it’s important that you’re asking the right questions to determine which are the best coding bootcamps for you.

1. How Long Does a Coding Bootcamp Take?

According to a coding bootcamp industry report, the average length of a coding bootcamp is 14 weeks. It’s important to remember that coding bootcamps can vary from six to 28 weeks depending on what programming topics are being covered, as well as how in-depth the program goes. 

For instance, there are some one- to two-week bootcamps that work as preparatory education, focusing on HTML or CSS. However, for immersive bootcamps designed to get you ready for a job in tech, you should plan on spending anywhere from three to six months in the classroom. 

At Eleven Fifty, our full-time coding bootcamps take 90 days, while the part-time courses take 180 days.

2. How Much Is Coding Bootcamp?

Again, coding bootcamps range in scope and size, which unsurprisingly affect the tuition cost for the classes. Industry reports show that the average cost for a coding bootcamp is approximately $14,000. 

Keep in mind that coding academies such as Eleven Fifty offer financial aid to help with tuition. Additionally, industry statistics show that graduates from coding bootcamps report an annual starting salary after coding bootcamp of $69,000. Though it may be an investment, it can quickly pay for itself once heading out to the job market

Eleven Fifty’s tuition costs are right in-line with industry averages, and with financial aid including scholarship opportunities and the G.I. Bill, we’re able to help our students dive into coursework affordably.

3. What Kind of Options Do I Have for Courses?

One of the great things about choosing a coding bootcamp is the chance to take a deep dive into a broad subject such as software development, or to focus on something more niche, such as improving cybersecurity skills for cryptocurrency in a 2-week course. 

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we offer bootcamp courses in Web Development, Software Development, Cybersecurity, and more!

4. What Programming Languages Will I Learn in a Coding Bootcamp?

A major goal for every coding bootcamp is to get students writing code in programming languages that are popular among real-world programmers in the tech industry today. In 2021, a few top languages stand out: Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. While not every program teaches these languages, it’s a great idea to hone in on programs that will get you coding in the most relevant languages today. 

At Eleven Fifty Academy, our coding students come away with strong technical skills in writing HTML, CSS, Python and JavaScript. These are powerful languages that set our grads up for a promising career in tech.

5. Are Coding Bootcamps Part-Time or Full-Time?

Coding bootcamps work to quickly build skills through immersive classroom learning. When you choose to attend a coding bootcamp full-time, you should expect to be spending 40+ hours a week completing projects and working with instructors.

We know that some of our students will want to continue working while completing their coding bootcamp, so we offer both part-time and full-time options.

6. What Do I Need to Prepare for a Coding Bootcamp?

Though the bootcamp program is designed to teach a variety of skills while providing the right learning tool, the first few weeks of bootcamp can be intense and overwhelming for those starting from square one. But don’t fret, this is normal for a large majority of coding bootcamp students. 

Courses often provide pre-work packets to help you learn a few basic fundamentals and make sure you’re coming with some background info. You may also want to work on typing skills. Even if you’re proficient with a keyboard, coding is its own language. Check out resources like this one to learn how to quickly include hard to find symbols and hotkeys for faster code blocks. 

Eleven Fifty’s pre-work for Web Development, Software Development, and Cybersecurity courses takes a week or more to complete and gives students a solid foundation to build upon from day one of classwork. Eleven Fifty also offers free intro courses to help students get their feet wet before diving into bootcamp.

7. What Has Your Success Rate Been for Placing Graduates?

Unlike most colleges, coding bootcamps and academies are very transparent about job placement for graduates. The job placement rates are high for coding grads. On average, 79% of bootcamp alumni report being employed in programming jobs according to Course Report.

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we see 60% of our students employed within 50 days of graduation.

8. Can You Get a Job After Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps generally have relationships with different employers, so there should be career advisors on campus to help you make connections and apply for positions. The best coding academies offer hands-on, specialized coding career support to help graduates prepare their resumes and polish their LinkedIn profiles, get connected to employers, land interviews, and secure their first jobs in tech. 

Eleven Fifty Academy takes this process very seriously. We have a Career Services team that meets with students one-on-one to learn about their career goals, top skill sets, and prior work experience. After determining their best skills, we utilize our employer network to match students with the best possible roles that fit their desired career path.

9. Does Eleven Fifty Academy Offer Online Coding Bootcamps?

While our classroom locations are in Indianapolis and Fishers, Eleven Fifty Academy offers remote learning and online courses for students. So if you’re in Bloomington, Cleveland, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Evansville, or anywhere else in the U.S., you are eligible.

10. Is Coding Bootcamp Worth It?

If you’re passionate about altering your career path and entering the tech industry, a coding bootcamp is the fastest and most efficient way to do so. It’s cheaper than attending a four-year college, and it’s specialized enough that you’re likely to find a well-paying job not long after graduation.

You don’t have to take our word for it: Read reviews from Eleven Fifty coding bootcamp graduates to help you decide if a coding bootcamp is right for you.

Re-Code Your Future with Eleven Fifty Academy

If you’re ready to get to work on finding a better, more stable career in the tech industry, coding bootcamps are the way to begin. The future needs coders, and enrolling in a coding bootcamp will help you join an exciting and growing computer science industry.

Get started by setting up a discovery meeting with one of our admissions advisors today.


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