Preparing for coding bootcamp will help your experience be more beneficial.

You’re looking for a career change. Or, maybe you want to launch your career. You’ve decided that coding is the path for you. After enrolling in a coding bootcamp, it’s time to start preparing for the immersive experience. It’s time to get excited, get focused, and fully commit yourself to the program. As you begin thinking about the first day of class, here are a few ways you can prepare for your coding bootcamp:

Complete any Coding Bootcamp Prep Work

At Eleven Fifty, when future coders sign up for our SmartStart coding bootcamp programs, we give them a little bit of prep work. This work involves things like typing tests, DISC assessments, and a few online tutorials that help students familiarize themselves with coding before the first day of class. This prep work is all helpful as you prepare for your immersive coding bootcamp. The online courses are carefully selected and the assessments are used to help us gauge career opportunities and assess your level of commitment to the program.

Get Your Affairs In Order

During an immersive coding bootcamp program, you aren’t going to have a lot of free time. There’s a good chance you’ll spend 8 hours in a classroom every day then go home and code some more. This type of schedule leaves very little time for extra activities. So, if you’ve been putting off a home improvement project or visiting your grandmother three states away, we recommend doing it before the program starts. Cutting out as many distractions as possible before the program begins will help you stay focused on the goal: learning to code.

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Research to Familiarize Yourself

The prep work is going to help you start familiarizing yourself with code, but you should go beyond that. Take the time to research the language you’re going to be studying. And, if you have time and the desire, go online and complete even more tutorials. There are several free, online programs that will help you grasp the concept of coding and start building the basic skills you’ll need.

Understand Your Learning Style

We all learn and retain information differently. For example, some people learn better when there are people around while others learn better when they are alone. Understanding your learning style will be incredibly valuable during your coding bootcamp experience. If you are someone who learns better while others are around, then you’ll appreciate the open environment that Eleven Fifty supports during class and work time. If you’re a solitary learner, then we highly encourage you to bring your headphones and plug in during the work time. Completing your DISC assessment will help you better understand your learning style and what steps you can take to better retain information during class.

Involve Your Support System

Coding bootcamp is challenging and the classwork is going to require time and dedication. You’re going to want to identify and involve those individuals in your life who are going to be your support system. Whether friends or family, you need people who are interested in what you’re working on and motivating you when the road gets a little rocky. Make sure they are aware of what it’s going to take to be successful on this new path and ask for patience, and a little assistance as you focus in on your goal.

And you don’t need to be in Indiana. Eleven Fifty now offers remote-learning for students. So if you’re in Bloomington, Cleveland, Columbus, Ft. Wayne, Evansville, or anywhere else in the U.S., you are eligible!

Are you ready to start your coding journey? At Eleven Fifty Academy, we help aspiring coders launch, change, and enhance their careers. From coding workshops to our immersive programs, we’re focused on helping you develop the skills you need for your career. Check out our upcoming coding courses now!



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