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Coding could be the new career for you.

Switching careers is a big decision. Everything from supporting your family to the burden of new debt most likely runs across your mind when you think about switching careers. You probably also feel excited and passionate about all of the possibilities that a new career could open up for you. So, how do you make such a big decision? You look for the right signs. Switching careers shouldn’t be done lightly. It really is a big decision, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong decision.

Check out these reasons for switching careers and see if any of them apply to you:

1. You’re constantly finding yourself bored at work and with your work.

Being bored at work isn’t a new concept, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with that boredom. Spending most of your day dreaming about what you could be doing instead of actually working is an indicator that a new career should be on your mind. There’s no reason to keep counting down the minutes until 5 o’clock.

2. Your tasks and responsibilities don’t match your skills.

Work should be about using your skills and talents to accomplish a goal. Are you able to do that with your current role? If you find that your current role doesn’t allow you to use your skills and talents you’ve worked so hard to develop and cultivate, then it’s probably time to switch careers.

If you’re still looking for those skills, then there are great training opportunities that can help you develop new skills that other employers are seeking out. You want to be challenged at work, but you also want to know that you have a handle and grasp on what you’re working on every day.

3. You find yourself always thinking about what having a different career would be like.

Everyone fantasizes about having a different job, climbing the ranks, and even making more money. Daydreaming may be how you spend most of you work day. In particular, you dream about what it would be like to have a different career. However, if this type of thinking monopolizes a majority of your time at work, then you might find more meaning and passion in your life by switching careers.

4. You aren’t passionate about what you do on a daily basis.

Not everyone is passionate about what they do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be. If you find passion in your work, then you’ll get more out of it. Not to mention, people passionate about what they do for a living feel more fulfilled in life. If passion is lacking from your current career, now might be the time to switch things up and invest in a different future.

5. If there weren’t any obstacles, you’d walk out right now.

If you’re only hanging onto your current career for money, insurance, vacation days, or another similar perk, then it’s time to start thinking about a career. These sort of obstacles can easily keep you from your dreams, passion, and true calling. If obstacles didn’t exist, would you hand in your two week notice right now? If yes, then it’s time to think about what you would rather be doing.

If you are thinking about switching careers, the new year is the perfect time to start. At Eleven Fifty Academy, we help aspiring programmers turn their passion and interest in technology into careers. Through our SmartStart programs you’ll discover new interests, unlock hidden talents, and pursue your passions.

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