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5 reasons to learn Python

HTML. CSS. Java. Ruby. PHP.

Knowing multiple languages is a natural part of any programmer’s career, but if you’re just starting out (or you’re deciding which language to add to your skillset next), there’s one language rising through the ranks: Python.

Python is hot and here to stay. It’s passing Java as one of the most taught languages in university computer science programs and it’s dominating job postings. People are looking for Python skills—and for good reasons.

Here are 5 reasons it should be the first—or next—language you learn.

Easy to Learn and Use

Python is considered one of the easiest languages to learn, use, and maintain. The code itself looks simple and well organized, making it easy to dive in to existing code and make edits. It also takes far less written Python code to accomplish some of the same things many other languages can do, including PHP, Java, and C++.

Python is also great for beginners because you can build something right out of the gate—a bonus for building your portfolio!


Python earned the nickname “Swiss Army Knife” for good reason. It’s one of the most flexible languages out there. Unlike some others, Python isn’t tied to one specific type of usage or purpose. You can do just about anything with it—build websites and applications (Reddit is a Python-built site), analyze data, create chatbots, etc. Plus, it’s used in some of these high-growth and high-paying fields:

  • Data Science. Technology has rapidly increased the amount of data we have, and companies, nonprofits, and governments are in need of individuals to help collect, manage, and analyze that data. Data Scientists are at the heart of where business and computer science meet.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. From search engines to self-driving cars to photo recognition and apps like Uber, these interconnected fields aren’t going anywhere any time soon. They’re dramatically changing the tech landscape and are frequently powered by Python.
  • Web Development. HTML and CSS aren’t the only languages on the web development block. Python is easier and faster than PHP in both coding time and function. Many new web applications are being built with Python and a number of frameworks already exist in the language, meaning developers rarely have to redevelop the wheel.

Non-Tech Applications

Learning Python is an asset for many career fields. Simple Python algorithms can help automate and analyze data, making it a great skill set for academics, scientists, marketers, and anyone else whose profession touches data or web development. Financial institutions are rapidly adding Python to their work to help with risk management assessment and pricing problems. Big bank players like Citi and Bank of America are already employing countless Python developers.

Even if you don’t have your eyes set on a programmer job, Python could open a lot of doors for you in your existing career path. If you want a skillset to level up, this is it!


Python has a bustling community of developers both online and in person. Online communities—especially around particular frameworks like Django—are hubs of support and knowledge. Locally, the Indianapolis Python Meetup, IndyPy, has more than 1,000 Meetup members and an active calendar of events including speakers, demos, and networking.

Job Growth Potential

Starting out in Python frequently means faster and easier job growth. It’s also typically one of the highest paid developer positions. It’s not uncommon for a Python starting salary to be in the $70k range. Some make more than $100k starting out. If you’re already well-versed in other languages, or even if you’re just starting out, Python is an absolute asset to open more doors and boost your salary.

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