Creative coding careers are all about combining your creativity with the logic of knowing how to code.

Coding, no matter what career field or industry you find yourself working in, requires a certain amount of creativity. In fact, creativity is one of the most important characteristics of a coder. Some people might assume that coders only think in terms of numbers and symbols, coding actually involves a lot of critical and logical thinking. Because coders are creative, there are a number of different career paths and opportunities for creative types to pursue that involve coding. Creative coding careers are all about bringing every task and project to life through the use of creativity, logic, and clean code.

User Experience Designer

What is user experience? The user experience is all about how an end-user interacts with an interface of an application or a website. Sometimes written as UX, the user experience is all about defining the way a user feels during the interaction with an interface and how they’ll move from one page to the next. It’s a completely subjective and logical career field that requires an intense devotion to details. The main goal of a UX Designer is to create an incredible experience for users that encourages them to take a specific action. That could mean implementing a button on a webpage, tracking the results of that button, and continuing to make improvements on it.

Web Developer

Web developers use code to bring the designs of a web designer to life. While web developers aren’t necessarily picking out colors or deciding what images and graphics to use on a site, they do use their creativity in deciding how to create the design. Working closely with a web designer, a web developer takes static or flat designs and creates them in a web format. Mostly, these coders use HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript to style, layout, and create everything that lives on the web. You can expect to flex your creative skills as you figure out exactly how to code the complicated designs that are given to you by the web designer.

Game Developer

Mobile and console games are developed by coders. More and more, coders are the ones creating the graphics, writing the storylines, and even designing the game experience. Mobile games specifically are becoming a popular pastime as Smartphone usage is on the rise. This is an extremely promising creative coding career because it has so much freedom and flexibility to make it your own. Some of the challenges that will push your creativity as a game developer is creating code that transitions from one screen size to the next and constantly improve on the original game code.

Graphics Animator

Have animated graphics ever blown you away on a website? Maybe an icon does something as you hover over it with your mouse. Maybe a wheel spins as you scroll down the page. Whatever the animation was, it was coded by a graphics animator. In this creative coding career, it’ll be your job to make websites, software, and other applications interactive in the form of animations. Again, you may not be the one designing the graphics, but you’ll use your creativity to add animation to the graphics. The fun and creative part of this creative coding career really comes into play when you consider all of the possible ways a graphic can be animated.


Creativity is only one of the characteristics of a coder. There are several others, but one of the most important is grit. With the right amount of creativity and grit, a coder can become an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur you can create an app, build a web development company, or even become a freelance coder working for multiple companies on multiple projects all at once. With the right skills, a creative coder has the power to recode their future, build something incredible, and follow their passions. As you learn to think like a coder, you’ll start to see the world in new ways. You’ll be able to use your logic to solve problems, fill needs, and continue to be creative.

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