Posted on February 9th, 2018 in Eleven Fifty Academy
Enhance your career with skill up courses from Eleven Fifty Academy.

When was the last time you enhanced your skills and advanced your career? If it’s been a while, then you’ve probably been feeling a little out of place, anxious about your current job, and maybe even feeling left behind. Not keeping up with advancing skills can leave you out in the dark. But, enhancing your skills, on the other hand, keeps you competitive, relevant, and in-demand.

So, how do you know it’s time to enhance your skills? We’ve pinpointed four different signs that you should be looking for. If you can relate to one or more of these signs, then it’s time to level up and advance your career.

Your coworkers with less experience are being promoted ahead of you.

When it comes to experience it isn’t about the number of years anymore. The reason coworkers with less time at your company are being promoted is because of the type of experience they bring to the table. If you can learn the same skills in a few days or weeks that others learn in a few years, then you’ll ultimately end up with more hands-on, real-life experience. So, how do you gain the experience you need to stay competitive and move your career forward? Learn new, relevant, in-demand skills that your employer is looking for.

Your job is starting to involve more and more technology that you don’t necessarily understand.

Every job is increasingly becoming more dependent on technology. Everyone from a shop owner to a dog walker to a teacher uses technology every day to communicate and accomplish their tasks. It can be difficult for anyone working a full time job to keep up with all of the advances in technology happening around them. But, your career demands that you do. Skilling up means learning new technologies and gaining a better understanding of the technologies you’re expected to use day in and day out. But, what’s more, skilling up can lead to more efficiency and a better performance at work.

You’ve stopped pushing yourself to learn more.

How long has it been since you took a break and learned a new skill that’s beneficial to your career? A year? Longer? When you push yourself to learn new skills you not only advance your career, but you prove to your employer that you’re dedicated to growing as an employee. Pushing yourself to learn leads to you feeling more confident and comfortable, but it’s all about learning the right skills. Relevant skills are about looking towards the future. What’s going to help you grow as an employee? What’s a skill that your employer needs in an employee? What’s a missing skill you’ve always wanted? Think about these questions as you explore options for skilling up.

Your job role or responsibilities are changing and you need new skills to keep up.

As you advance in your career, you’ll be given new and more challenging responsibilities. While some of these responsibilities will align with skills you already have or ones you can quickly pick up on the job, you won’t always be able to gain the skills without the right training. The best way to prove you’re ready for the changing role and new responsibilities? Skill up. Take matters into your own hands and seek out ways to enhance your skills and advance your career on your own.

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