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Atlas Program

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your tech journey mapped out?

Of course, who would say no to that? That’s why we created this free program, Atlas. Atlas is a monthly program designed to give guidance, support, and accountability for continuing to learn and grow in the tech industry.

The individuals who choose to take part in this program are dedicated to continuous learning and will utilize this program as a stepping stone into the tech ecosystem. Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone who has previously completed an Eleven Fifty course is eligible for the Atlas program.
  • The participants will be grouped with a technical mentor who will support and guide them through the month.
  • Eleven Fifty will assign groups with an objective each month. Depending on each individual’s goals, this could include prepping for certification exams, doing a group project, or working through real life scenarios.

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Interested in being a Tech Mentor for the Atlas Program?

If you are an EFA Alumni or a tech experienced individual, you can apply to be a tech mentor! This opportunity is perfect for those looking to gain additional leadership skills and build their resume.

If you are selected to participate as a mentor, we are asking for a 3 hour per week commitment and you would be assigned to a group based on your availability (nights, weekends, etc). Near the middle or end of each month, we’ll re-ask for availability for the following month so you can pick and choose when you can volunteer your time to assist with this program.

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Have questions about participating in the Atlas Program? Maybe we can answer some of them!

Participant FAQs

Can I take a month off and still participate in a later month?

Absolutely! The whole purpose of the Atlas Program is to give you an opportunity to sharpen your skills, as you need. 

If I’m on a project, what will the project consist of?

We have 3 main “buckets” of projects that you can self-select into each month: 

  1. Reinforce the Basics: Work on a greenfield project, or one that is starting from scratch, using the same tools and technologies you learned in the courses. This is great for anyone that wants to focus on reinforcing what they’ve already learned.

  2. Learn Something New: Work on a greenfield project but use some prescribed tool, framework, etc. that you didn’t learn in the courses. This is great to get some practice trying to learn something new with less guidance than you received in the course(s), which will absolutely happen throughout your career in technology!

  3. Bugs and New Features (coming soon!): Work from an existing project or code base and fix some bugs and build out new features. This is great to simulate what a real-world project would look like and build your experience trying to decipher someone else’s work. 

How long is the program?

Each cycle will run for 4 total weeks and the program re-starts each calendar month. You can participate in as many cycles as you would like.

Who will be in my group?

If you are pursuing a job in the Cyber field, you’ll be paired with others pursing the same. If you are pursuing a job in development or design, you will be paired with a mix of grads from the Web Development, Software Development, and UX/UI courses. 

Is there a grade or badge associated with the Atlas Program?

No, you are not graded during this program.  The Atlas Program is not like the course(s) you went through previously at EFA. You will receive feedback and suggestions from the Tech Mentor you are paired with to help encourage and guide your continued learning. 

How much time do I need to commit to the program each month?

That is up to you, but we suggest planning on a minimum of 10 hours per week. If you can commit more, great! We recognize you may also be spending time applying for jobs, working, or dealing with daily life. 

Have questions about being a Tech Mentor?

Tech Mentor FAQs

Can I receive any Leadership Training as part of this?

Yes! We are working on building out some technical leadership training that will be optional and free for you to participate in.

Can I choose to take a month off from being a Tech Mentor?

Absolutely! We are incredibly grateful for any time you are able to volunteer for this program and we understand that life may get in the way. Each month, we will ask if you are wanting to participate in the following month. 

Should I give feedback to the group members?

Yes. We have a simple feedback process that is intended to give constructive feedback to participants so they can continue to grow their skills and confidence as they progress towards “job ready”. 

What is expected of Tech Mentors during the Program?

We are expecting you to serve as a “Team Lead” for the group you are paired with. That means making yourself familiar with the project or other activities the group is working on and what everyone is doing to contribute. Each group will do a lightweight agile/scrum process with 2, 2-week sprints and you should plan to lead them through that. You are NOT expected to actually contribute to their work other than from a mentoring/advisory capacity. 

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